Manjul Lands Himself In Trouble | Florence Girl Exposes Chats

7 months ago


Manjul Lands Himself In Trouble | Florence Girl Exposes Chats. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment. Script: Tik tok star and influencer Manjul Khattar landed himself into trouble when a Florence based girl Jessica Vivaldi put out some videos exposing her chats with him. The screen recording and screenshots in the video by the girl showed some inappropriate messaging from the Tik tok star. The girl initially put out the video in her native language however later on after a lot of fan’s requesting one of her friends put out videos explaining the whole thing in English and that’s when the video went even more viral. Things became messier when fans started tagging other influencers and specifically Rits Badiani in the videos Jessica posted to get their attention and reaction on the same. However Rits took it to her Instagram and told fans to stop tagging her in these posts as she is not dating Manjul and the two are just professional friends. Manjul also posted something similar and requested his fans to not involve Rits in this. Later when the girl’s videos went extremely viral she stepped back and said that fans now need to stop as she didn’t want anyone’s name to get spoilt or spread hate for anyone. Thinking of putting an end to all this Manjul took to his Instagram and apologised to Jessica also he requested his fans to not send hate to Jessica and shared that they have spoken and sorted things out. Well now no one knows how sorted things are. But if you like this video do like comment and subscribe to India Forums. Simran Mishra India Forums Mumbai.


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