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Watch out our exclusive video interview with the cast and crew of Grahasti on their 100 episode celebration,

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Nishtha @Nishtha 15 years ago ya andy was whispering to the camera hehe...its not audible..i am like what did he say about..girls of teh show...about simar..i dint get a word..:(..he spoke...nd said vaidhi's jee...hmm...not done andy..haha kiddin...he was QUITE AUDIBLE TOWARDS THE END..ND THAT WAS ALL IMP so complains....hahaha

simar..when she said..kya yaar..why they kept on calling us guys..guys we all are was funny..nd adorable video nd we all enjoyed it to the hilt..that was very sweet gesture of you all to say soo many nice things about us..when we dont even deserve the N of it...:P

All the best for your future endevours..nd God Bless *muah* *muah*
Howlarious @Howlarious 15 years ago I knowww she did haha and she was saying it like she found it funny tooo haha =D andy just killed it at the end...but when he was with Simarrrrrrr he was speaking so quietly, like whispering to the camera haha =O
Nishtha @Nishtha 15 years ago ok not blushing..i never blush..ok i do..hehe..nd she sounded choo sute while sayin..guys its simar not siamrtoo hahaha...but Andy was THE CUTEST..SWEETEST..NICEST...he is sona
Howlarious @Howlarious 15 years ago haha yup, but when I made the name I didnt think it would reach all the way there haww...hehe....haw you wasssss like blushing away at the screen like a dodo hahah =)
Nishtha @Nishtha 15 years ago well all thanks to you for SIAMRTO bit...ROFL and last bit Blushing queen...and Andy is Blush kumar...*runs too*..haha
Howlarious @Howlarious 15 years ago Awesome video LOL..Simarto bits are worth watching and the last bit...muhaha *runs*
Nishtha @Nishtha 15 years ago Hey thats great Video enjoyed watching it:) My heartiest wishes to the entrie cast and crew of Grihasthi :D esp Andy :)

PS :ahmed ke bache..grrrr...hehe
Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago andy ki baat sun kar aisa laga ke rakhsha bandhan agai,
bhai behan ke pyaar ki mehfil chagai,
is bhai behan ki jodi ko hamesha salamat rakhna,
grahasti serial ko hamesha top rakhna,
agar nisha ko hamesha khush dekhna chate ho,
to use andy ki behan kehte raho... bas kehte raho.

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