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Genelia Deshmukh Shahid Kapoor Ken Ghosh Chance Pe Dance 

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star1315 10 years ago Good movie... even after 12-13 films old, Shahid looks as a fresh face [though he is not] which is story''s demand cause here Samir is a struggler....its shahid''s acting skill.... shahid really looks as a boy next door trying to make his place in industry-- story is simple, but even without much to do according to script, shahid steals the show... is perfect in each scene....... also superb dance performances---both Genelia-Shahid make a cute couple.... at least must watch once..... Shahid, all the best for 2010 year & future movies
Bul3 10 years ago average movie..not too bad not too good..simple story...nothing great as such..even acting of stars was good but there wasnt anything much to do which could be said as challenging..and we all already knew that shahid is a great dancer which he proves yet again..Shahid-Jenelia chemistry was good..both look very cute together..I am a great Shahid fan but my views about the movie are very impartial(although personal)..I hope Shahid do better movies in the future as this movie/script dint have much scope2010-01-19 15:56:16
shahidthebest 10 years ago Ultimately I watch the movie I was waiting 4 a long time.... Excellent acting by SHAHID & GENE....Awesome chemistry..... Other actors also support the story...say it Mohnish, Parikshit, Satish shah,Vikas, Hirji all r supplementing story proper way...... Even young kids were fine..... Director Ken is brilliant...director''s touch is seen at many places... when Sam is offered lead role after struggle of long 3 years & Tina also her first assignment ... in immediate song sky high size of both in contrast to surrounding, reflects their over-joyed hearts...... also when Sam''s heart is broken... Shahid''s potray of emotions , asking for a hand which may guide him to select a future that moment a hand of a dumb kid holds Sam''s hand to prepare them to win a dance competition... which ultimately signals Sam what he has to do to be a winner....... like this many sparkling moments r there.....for that u have to see the movie.. surely it won''t disappoint u...... realy a perfect movie, with marvelous performance by both... stunning hot Shahid & cute Gene will steal your heart.... U will love the pair,chemistry... I still don''t understand how some cretics have given poor review & low points..certainly movie don''t deserve this creticism..... so one should not believe what is the review... go & watch it by yourself... u will like it for sure.... simple, short [2 hrs] eye catching movie, without ronadhona, thisum-thisum with Shahid''s superb acting & some excellent dances..... what more u expect in a good movie....... THAHKS2010-01-20 15:26:22
lovebapu18 10 years ago Good... I can only say movie is not bad. Loved it. Enjoyed every scene& all the songs. Shahid is perfect, even Genelia is fine. Others r O K at their places... not a single moment is boring... at least once one should watch it.... Thanks
Britneyy 10 years ago i have always loved dance movies so i am sure i will like this one...i hope it actually has some realli exciting step up
MoccoLatte 10 years ago I must say! I liked this movie only for Shanelia chemistry! but We can watch it more than once!
GujuGrl 10 years ago i love shahid,but the movie does not has anything........the dialogues are cheesy.....sorry one time watcher only.......i watched vivah more than i''ll watch this....
Mitesh.P 10 years ago The lady at the end seemed to give a fair comment on the movie instead of super hit or rubbish
ladychaterjee 10 years ago I Lov Shahidd and im pretty sure the movie is rocking as well!!!
shahidthebest 10 years ago I am first to comment... most of good reviews..but some says its a dance show... what if certain excellent dance numbers r there.. that too with a certain story line.... as such people buy costly tickets for star concert... here in $10 u gonna watch a movie with eye-catching stunning dance sequences of great Shahid..... nothig to lose .... I gonna see it this week-end.... i am great fan of SHAHID.. don''t worry.. U & the movie will rock..2010-01-20 15:22:15
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