Celebs and Audience poll on Archan Gautam's elimination

4 months ago


After the shocking eviction of Archana Gautam from the Biggboss house, we took a poll on India forums. Here's what audience and celebs have to say on the same.

Archana Gautam

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Raquelmacgowan 4 months ago This is so embarrassing how can a presenter of a Indian love TV show allows violence in the hose ,yes there is a game on they're all contestans but violence and all that for every single thing prianka arguments this is wrong so womans in India can be violence against mens that is the way it is seems to be taking back archana she is clever she find said what big boss will do tell me off ,tha is why countries like India is stack sand not prosperous because discrimination and them after said they are against it. I am from nicaragua living in UK I have travel everywhere and India Asia got weird customs ok they are they're culture ok but this show it is showing all bad side of actors wush people like me though nice of them but is very wrong archana, prianka and goutam they should have been eliminate it that is allowing not respects bad maners isn't much that is stressful watching the same fight between each other. She is terrible contestant archana. Annoying. How can she comeback.why .
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bithee 4 months ago You india-forum are supporting people who tried to strangle people wow.
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