Bikini Babes of Bollywood

8 years ago

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AdityaMookerjee 8 years ago The bikini's are pretty nice. I must have seen these movies. Zeenat Aman in Qurbani was a great, great personality, as good as Vinod Khanna and Feroze Khan.
RagMasta 8 years ago HAHAHAHAHA LOL at how they pronounce it haha
2Desi4Life 8 years ago omg this person doing the commentary needs a dictionary to define bikini...and the way this person says it is so funny it sounds like she's saying "bikni" the whole time
sunaina02 8 years ago Swim suites are swim suites , bikinies are bikinies . Please make a video after doing proper homework ,
wisehigaholic 8 years ago the thing priyanka is wearing is a one piece
pallavi25 8 years ago These people don't know the difference between bikini and one-piece swimsuit! Most of these swimsuits are nothing compared to what can be seen on the beaches in western countries, worn by regular women and girls!
danish.r 8 years ago i-f koo ho kiya gaya hai rumor fak articles sexes thing ...what happen with u guys ...this family wed or some thing else ...??????
rani-lucki 8 years ago i think the host needs to find a dictionary and look up the word" bikini" and "2 piece"
some of the outfits are just plain swiming costumes and u are calling them bikinis and 2 piece, get ur eyes or english checked
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