Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai to tie knot

5 years ago


Check out the video to find out more about Avinash Sachdev & Shalmalee Desai's love story and their wedding.

Avinash Sachdev Shrenu Parikh Shalmalee Desai Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir  Star Plus 

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mehare 5 years ago Congratulations Avinash Sachdev & shalmalee desai wish u a very happy married life...
rajsri 5 years ago Congrats Avi and Shal ... wishing you all the best for a very happy married life
mehare 5 years ago Avinash Sachdev & shalmalee desai congrats wish you both a happy married life & get lots of happiness in your life
Operaqueen 5 years ago Congratulations Avi and Shal, May Bappa and Kanha bless you both ! Seeing the comments here , I am not surprised why Avi chose to keep his wedding a secret. It's been two years but the CB fans obviously haven't moved on. Rubina seems to have moved on, seems happier and actually looks better than when she was with Avinash ( same for Avinash too ) .
As for some EBP fans that feel betrayed , he never dated Shrenu. So chill ! Plus shrenu has always maintained that she would never date anyone from this industry ( smart girl )
P.s kanha also dated Radha and meera. Avinash toh Phir bhi insaan Hain :)
P.S I am not a Avimaniac :)
Neerjaa 5 years ago All the best for your marriage . But hoped you should have the guts to stand up and tell the world that you have broken up with Rubina . For 4-5 years you kept your fans in dark . You left Rubina to fend all this going on rumors alone . She was looking skinny and has lost glow in the later part of CB and then her other shows where she had sunken eyes . Never ever thought what was the reason . She is graceful elegant the way she handled . Your fans still had believe in you that you are not jerk . But nothing new ,world is full of your kind of people . Can not bash you as you were my muse for my songs but i am not a fan ever . God bless you with happiness in your life .
2015-06-12 13:35:31
Mona55 5 years ago Avinash Sachdev and Shal Desai congrats have a happy long married life
srilotus 5 years ago Wish Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee desai a very happy married life.
Avinash ,just ignore the bashers because many are with u.Hope jab kabhi in bashers ki shaadi ho,tab unhe koi "iss" tarah se "wish" na kare.
God bless u both.
charanyaaj 5 years ago Shrenu parikh rocks!
Shrenu parikh rocks!
Shrenu parikh rocks!
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon... ek baar phir
chayya55 5 years ago Avinash Sachdev and Shal congrats and best wishes have a happy married life
Clarisa 5 years ago Congratulations Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai
I wish you a happy married life
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