Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo - Success Party

10 years ago

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-Sanju 10 years ago OMG suku u are sooooooooooo u....u rock in whicjever show u do
monomoon 10 years ago @jmukherj69...lolz one hottie indeed
and ratan looks really sweet too.
-Lostindreams 10 years ago Suku looks AWESUM, and she is sooooooooooooooooooo sweet. And specs really suits Abhishek.
Tamedtempest 10 years ago sereaishitedare I couldn''t recognize her either! I had to keep going back and forth between the zee site to figure it out

it''s a sharp contrast to see everyone so glitzy and glamy and who the H3ll is the girl in the red?!?!
jmukherj69 10 years ago Lali looks horrible in here but Siddeshwari is one hottie out there
Aurum 10 years ago sukirti looked beautiful, i rlly miss her in dmg. ratan was ok, and enjoyed abhishek 2 10 years ago Agree with you sereaishitedare

She looks soooo different!!
Totally modern
sereaishitedare 10 years ago omgg...i couldn''t recognize laali''s mom for three-quarters of her interview....=O

She looks sooooooooooooo much younger than in the show, just goes to show what makeup and drab clothes can do for you!
nida2009 10 years ago agree that laali doens''t look good at all but sukhriti looked too good.
-midnightsun- 10 years ago suki looked gawjus..... love the show!!!
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