Aao Wish Karein - Theatrical Trailor



Aao Wish Karein - Theatrical Trailor

Aftab Shivdasani Aamna Shariff

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sweety_1754 2010-10-06T07:37:16Z aamna is looking soo beautiful in dis movie
SecretKhabri420 2010-02-22T17:32:15Z @No1Aamnafan: Ghuror nahi, I said facts, no need to attack me aur woh bhi with no reasons.........2010-02-22 17:33:52
sujoykhan 2009-11-11T13:24:49Z My wife saw this preview and instantly realized this is a copy of the Tom Hanks movie ''Big'' - Aftab can never be compared with Tom....watch ''Big'' if you haven''t.....skip this one!
aaronafonso 2009-11-11T10:18:40Z superb.nice movie.
2009-11-11 10:19:27
Neha_K 2009-10-29T05:28:35Z Aamna has got the killer looks... n she is luking just awesome.... marvellous... n so stunning!
Aamnakideewani 2009-10-29T03:17:48Z @farislove:itna ghurur acha nahi hota aisa na ho k tumhara ghurur tumhein kahin mun dikhane liak na choro u .......1 flop se koi looser nahi hota agar aisa hota tou aaj b town ki super stars jinki 1st movie flop thi top pe na hoten like pigy chop and many other ok so baday bol mut bola karo got it aisa na ho k tumharai baat tumhare kisi fav ko bhari par jayen u face changer
SecretKhabri420 2009-10-27T13:54:29Z @nehagupta_9: Aftab by using SRK's voice, he wants his bakwaas film to be hit, his last film with Aamna, which was her debut on bollywood, was a full time flop, Aamna didn't learn a lesson to not act with this loser, waise dono losers hai, so no surprises here.......2009-10-27 13:55:16
adol 2009-10-27T02:19:52Z in wat way stunning ,i doubt ,just looka t her ,her wieght ,body ,and others cant say lol
Miamia 2009-10-26T12:46:22Z @farislove: of course it''s your opinion and im agree with that...but im sorry i really like aftab and i take him a chance for his movie...ok everybody says its a copy but ALL MOVIES OF BOLLYWOOD are a copy so ....well i know aftab made a lot of flop so what ? i wait thats all !!!2009-10-26 16:21:04
SecretKhabri420 2009-10-26T04:57:05Z @Miamia: Well, in my opinion Aftab is one of the worst actor ever I had seen and I am sure many would agree on this........
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