Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi, is a show set in the bustling town of Agra, Pethewala highlights the importance of Joint family in times of today where Nuclear families are the calling of the day. The head of the family - Sahrmila Dadi, believes that it is quintessential for a family to stay closely knit. Together, they run a family business of sweet shops called - 'Pethewala'. Dadi, the eldest member of the family believes that a family is like a quilt made up of various pieces of clothes, though different in texture, when joined together gives out a warmth which cannot be compared with any other feeling in this world and hence she is very proud of the fact that her family is one of such unique quilts. Trilokchand, elder son of Dadiji is heads this big family, of more than 10 members staying together. He along with his wife Elaichi has successfully raised 7 children by investing traditional values with the modern mindset into them. And the seven gems of the Pethewala family are Amar, Ayush, Ajay, Avni, Bhushan, Utpal and Mishri. 
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