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Fanfic Gallery-No Comments

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Special Squad Archives - No Comments

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*@* SS Photo Lab - No Comments Plz *@*

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%*% Record Room - No Comments Plz %*%

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Creative Arts- Avi’s Siggies and More....

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* ?!? Reception Desk ?!? *

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Smiley Bank /*no comments please*/

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**Officers On Call** (No Comments)

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The Revival III UPDATED-48, 49 and 50

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Manava Naik in a marathi serial

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Bhanu Uday
Bhanu Uday

as: Aryan Khanna

He is the strong, intense, silent type. He is a hard core professional who heads the Special Squad. He is a true leader who backs his team and also indulges their quirks. He is a brilliant ...

Manava Naik
Manava Naik

as: Neha Naik

Neha is a sensitive girl who left home when she could not take her father's oppressive and abusive behavior anymore. She is very antsy about cases where women have been cheated or abused and a ...

Iqbal Azad
Iqbal Azad

as: Abbas Ali Baig / Boxer

He is a hard-core investigator who grew up in the wrong side of town. He is extremely street smart and aggressive and he and Ajay make a great team. Though he has a perennial soft corner for the ...

Raj Banerjee
Raj Banerjee

as: Shotgun / Shomiron Chaterjee

The grim, proud but intelligent latent and prints specialist doesn't really think much of investigators and believes it is forensics that plays a major part in solving crimes, but never get its due. ...

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