• Vrajesh Hirjee Vrajesh Hirjee

    as: Sameer

    Sameer (36 - 39 years) [Rajeev’s Younger Brother] Spent Last 20 Years In USA (New-York) Particular And Precise About Everything. Lives By The Clock - Alarm Even With Wife And Kid He Would Fix Meeting Times Always Remains Presentable Irons handkerchief, socks too! Manages 10 Businesses At Any Point Of Time Has A Superb Convincing Power ''Mein aapko A to Z samjhata hun''

  • Sooraj Thapar Sooraj Thapar

    as: Anil Chawla

    Anil Chawla - (42- 46 years)[Rajeev''s Elder Brother] Settled In A Remote Village Of Gujarat Called ''Pihurwadi'' For Last 20 Years Very Slow In All The Matters - - laughs Often Won’t Move His Butt… even in case of emergency like Warm, Innocent, Simple, remains Chilled out, cool - ''paisa/gaadi/khet to haath ka mail hai'' Rustic Behavior/ Mannerless And Weird At Times. After having food, wash hands in plate Always offer ''Chanaa'' to all

  • Swati Chitnis Swati Chitnis

    as: Jamuna Chawla

    Jamuna Chawla - (70 -75 years) Rajeev''s Mother -A Loving - Caring Matriarch. Deaf A Little - Can''t hear from left ear at all , but can clearly hear from right ear Runs A Laughter Club And Yoga Classes In The Bungalow Garden Very Talkative, Sucker For Gossip.. ''EK BAAT PUCHHUN? … EK HI PUCHHUNGI'' - And the ends up asking 10 things - Generous - Does Genuine Social Work -

  • Muni Jha Muni Jha

    as: Mahendra Chawla

    Mahendra Chawla Bhai Bhaiya aur Brother ke Father. Started his Stationery business from scratch Will be seen through flashbacks as he is already settled in heaven. Very disciplined, works according to his alarms , Sameer got his alarm habit from his father Mahendra He too used the line, “arey ye toh haath ka mail hai”, which Anil has caught from him. It was his final decision to let his sons follow their life path- Sameer wanted London’s life while Anil wanted a laidback life of a Gujarat village where he married Jyotsna and settled.

  • Muskaan Mihani Muskaan Mihani

    as: Jennifer

    Jennifer- (32 - 36 years)[Sameer''s Wife] A Parsi - Born And Brought Up In Mumbai But Settled In USA For Last 20 Years Loves To Flaunt About ThingsConverts dollars into Rupees ''yeh pure mujhe bahot sasta mil gaya - Only 150 Dollars - yane ki 7500 Rupees'' Dominating A Little- but not negative - Dramatizes even the most casual / normal things ''Do You know what? .. ..