Tapan Sinha was born on 2nd October 1924.He is a well respected Bengali Indian film director. He is arguably the most uncompromising filmmaker outside the orbit of parallel cinema.

Sinha was born in Kolkata.

Sinha married famous Bengali Indian actress Arundhati Devi. Their son is notable Indian scientist Professor, Anindya Sinha.

Sinha had a awe-inspiring body of work, can possibly be matched by only a Mrinal Sen or a Satyajit Ray.

Although he is primarily based in the Bengali film industry, he has also made films in different languages like Hindi and Oriya in the past.

Sinha's films have also won laurels in International Film Festivals of Berlin, Venice, London, Moscow, San Francisco, Locarno, Cork Festival in Ireland Kampuchea and Seoul. He has also served as a member of the jury in film festivals at Tashkent and San Francisco among others.

Sinha works have won 19 National Film Awards in various categories.

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