Swaroop Sampat, born on 3rd November, is a Bollywood actress who has acted in several Hindi language films such as Naram Garam. She won the Miss India contest in 1979 and represented her country at Miss Universe 1979.

She became successful with the hugely popular TV comedy show Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, where she played the role of (late) Shafi Inamdar's wife. She had reportedly rejected another important serial on television at that exact time because she found the script of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi very touching and was sure that it connected well with common people and showed their day to day activities and living style with simplicity. It is a decision she is still happy about as the serial turned out to be an all-time hit.

Swaroop modelled for Shringar, a kumkum company. She also teaches acting to disabled children. Swaroop has obtained a Ph.D. in Education from University of Worcester in England. She is also a teacher's trainer now travelling across India to conduct workshops for teachers who engage themselves in imparting this knowledge for the benefit of dyslexic children.

Swaroop is married to comedy actor Paresh Rawal, and directs and acts in plays also starring her husband. Paresh and Swaroop have two sons Aditya and Aniruddh - aged 18 and 21 respectively.