Maahi, (Sheena) the only child of the 'Puri' family is a sweet & bubbly 15 year old Delhi girl. She belongs to a prosperous family and has the best of material comforts and education.While Kabir (Ruslaan) is a 17 year old typical teenager, aspiring, arrogantly negligent, clueless and rebellious, unreasonably demanding, loving yet not romantic, suppressed yet self assured. He comes from a family that's at the lower end of society yet beautifully bonded.Like most youngsters Maahi and Kabir become friends. While Maahi loves the small town suburban life style of Kabir's family, Kabir finds the urban, up market life style that Maahi is living exciting. As the relationship grows, so does the intimacy. On a camping trip on New Year's Eve, after just getting a little tipsy the young couple in all their innocence give in to their hormonal drives & Maahi gets pregnant.What follows is a journey of accepting one's mistakes & owning up to it, a tale of courage & determination. It's a cry for help by those numerous Kidult couples that have & are facing such a dilemma in their lives at this very moment. It's an attempt to bring to light an issue...teenage pregnancy... which is rampant & is growing exponentially in the current Indian society - modern & rural.

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