Rahul Tiwari (Aaftab Shivdasani) is in love with Sandhya Patil (Amisha Patel). For the last four years or so that is, and has not had the courage to tell her. He follows her everywhere; waits until the public bus she uses and then boards it. And as for Sandhya she is not even aware of Rahul leave alone his affection for her. One day Rahul finds out where Sandhya lives, and he also finds out that her father is Police Inspector Raj Patil "Raja"(Ashish Vidyarthi), a cruel, sadistic, drunk, and abusive man, whose wife Rachna (Neena Kulkarni) and daughter live in virtual fear, even when he is not around. Raj Patil has no respect for any human being, his superiors, his subordinates, nor members of the public to whom he is sworn to protect. Raj Patil finds out that Rahul is trying to enter the life of his daughter, he arrests him publicly, beats his up, and locks him in a cell in his Police Station. Rahul's brother Dr. Kamlakar Tiwari (Jackie Shroff) arranges to get Rahul out of the cell with the help of Raj Patil's superiors. Kamlakar hopes that this would have taught Rahul a lesson, but it has not, and Rahul contiues to be obsessed with Sandhya, even though Sandhya has clearly told him and his college friend, Neha (Anupama Verma) that she is only interested in pursuing her studies, and not interested in Rahul at all. Raj Patil tells his wife and daughter that they are to leave the city immediately, and move to Hyderbad with his sister. Rahul finds out and he too leaves the city and goes to Hyderabad to seek Sandhya, not knowing these events are going to change his life and way of thinking forever.

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