Hum Ho Gaye Aapke Story

HUM HO GAYE AAPKE a beautiful romantic story revolving around the characters Rishi, Mohan & Chandni. Rishi (Fardeen Khan): son of billionaire Mr. Oberoi (Suresh Oberoi), who doesn't believe in love or the institution of marriage and feels that he can buy anything in the world, till he realises that there is one thing that can never be baught - LOVE. Mohan (Apurva Agnihotri): Hailing from a middleclass family, who is a friend of Rishi and works in his office. He has his own insecurities but believes in love and is looking forward for a suitable partner.Chandni (Reema Sen) A beautiful young sensible, middle class, confident girl, believes in love, traditional values and strict morals. How the entry of Chandni into the lives Rishi and Mohan causes much up heaved in their inter relationships and how she brings about a change in them with her convictions is all about HUM HO GAYE AAPKE