Director: Tom George Kolath


Producer: Dr. Anil V. Paulose


Banner: Amerasia Pictures, Corp.


Executive Producer: Mathai Kolath George


Brandon Sommers, Sneha Ullal, Anupam Kher, Sush Nayar, Vikaas Kalantri,
Shreya Nandakumar, Jason Verga, Patricia Shay, Rajesh Hebbar, Melissa
Singh, Viny La Racco, Dinesh Arora, Lalu Alex, Nita George, Luan
Begetti, Richard Rony


Park is a contemporary, cross-cultural romantic comedy. At heart, it is
a love story that deals with the realities when an Indian girl and an
American white boy fall in love, the family tension, the inherent
conflict of cultures, the pressures of going against strict family


Park travels from the suburbs of New Delhi to the suburbs of New York.
It is a touching human drama that depicts fragile emotional moments. In
finding a way to bridge the often seemingly divided roots of a
person€™s upbringing, our hero and his sweetheart find a way to reach
out to each other. We have a passionate and human story fueled by the
true love of two youngsters who together discover the way to perform
one of lifesmall miracles, despite the differences caused by race
and culture.

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