When the British met with Hindu and Muslim leaders in 1947, they got both the parties to sign an agreement that they agree to divide Pakistan from India. Part of the Agreement also stated that those Muslims who elect to stay in India; and those Hindus who elect to live in Pakistan - will not be forced to leave. After this Agreement was signed, this clause was violated as tens of thousands of Hindus and Muslims were forced to flee, leaving their wealth and belongings behind. During this turmoil, Tara Singh a Truck Driver, rescues a young woman named Sakina, both fall in love with each other and get married. When things calm down, Sakina decides to travel across the border to Pakistan where her dad is now the Mayor, to which Tara and his family consent. When Sakina does not return, Tara goes to look for her, and finds out that her father is refusing to let her return, and would like her to marry a Muslim. When Tara asserts himself he is beaten, but even then he persists. When this matter starts to generate nationwide attention, Sakina's dad puts forth a number of conditions that Tara must fulfill to let Sakina be his wife, some of which are that he change his religion to Islam; join the Pakistani army and battle the Indians; change his name to a suitable Islamic name; and yell out as loud as he can "Victory to Pakistan", and "Death to India". Will Tara accept these conditions in order to be reunited with his sweetheart?

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