Vikram Mayur (Shah Rukh Khan)is the fifith generation of the very rich business family of Mayurs settled in England. The family has been very Pro-Britain and very Anti-India, and so even Vikram looks down upon India, never wanting to set foot here. Vikram's late brother Hari, had been the black sheep of the family, being pro-India. His love for India had made him abandon his family and settle in india. In an accident he had joined his wife for the Heavenly abode, leaving behind his son Nandu who was now eight years lod and had been brought up very lovingly by Hari's wife's younger sister, Bijuriya(Sonali Bendre)Because of Hari's strange ways neither Bijuriya ever came to know about the Mayurs nor did the Mayurs ever know that the rightful heir to their empire was polishing shoes on the streets of Bombay. It is only when the shrewd yet benign lawyer, Mr. Madadgar (Saeed Jaffery),who is like a Godfather to Bijuriya, finds all and reveals all that Vikram has to finally st foot on Indian soil. When Vikram lands in India, he wants to sort out things fast and leave immediately with his master Mayur (Alias Nandu). The successful businessman in him thinks that he can buy absolutely anything in the world with moeney and plans to sttle accounts with her for the services of having brought up Nandu for eight years. But, when he goes into the details of her services he discovers it is even more than her entire life that she has showered upon Nandu and the account is too heavy to be settled by even his wealth. He tries money,he tries affection he tries love, but it is beyound his power to seperate Nandu from Bijuriya. Vikram keeps getting involved in these cobwebs of human emotions and slowly the conflict between his western being and the deep rooted Indian him, grows and comes to a climax.

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