The story will focus around four friends, Adi, Roy, Manav and Boman, who
decide to make money by investing in buildings. The highest buildings
they find are the "KBC" building, and decide to hire an investor to bid
for it. They find an investor, who is later kidnapped by the owner of
the building, Kabir. When Kabir finds out that the four friends are
coming to rescue the investor, he decides to get his two girlfriends,
Kiya and Kamini to play the 'love game' with Adi and Roy. The four
really fall in love, and create an enemy in Kabir. The two couples, and
the two disabled friends, all six together decide to get back on Kabir
in the most hilarious and mayhem-ic ways they can think of. Double your
love for them in, Double Dhamaal