Karan, A commando with 9 Para Commandos of the Indian Army crashes during a routine helicopter training into the Chinese side and is captured by Chinese forces. As the crash happened on a river and wreckage of the chopper got washed away Karan is not able to convince the Chinese of his innocence. The Chinese feel they can use these circumstances to brand him as a spy and use this excuse to embarrass the Indian Government and create an International incident. The Indian Government feels that under these circumstances, the Chinese will not accept any proof they order the Army to erase Karan's army record and simply deny his existence. Due to this Karan has to suffer inhuman torture from Chinese army for one year in a bid to force a confession from him.

However as Karan still refuses to relent, he is transferred to be tried at the Chinese Military Court with the most probable setence being that of death. Karan escapes and crosses the Himachal – Punjab border, he runs into a girl, Simrit who is escaping from Amrit Kanwal Singh's goons. Amrit Kanwal Singh aka AK74, a notorious criminal with strong political ties, wants to marry Simrit for political gains as the it will lend him some respectability and political leverage. Karan warns the goons to let go off her but they don't listen and bear the brunt of his pent up anger. Simrit plays him to escort her out of the town by telling Karan that he has created more trouble for her and now he must escort her till she feels safe. Finding himself outnumbered and outgunned Karan jumps off the bridge with Simrit into a fast flowing river which carries them into the forest. Karan hears Simrit's story and promises to help her.

Now begins a cat and mouse game between AK, his men, and Karan in the forest.  Will Karan be able to prove his innocence and reach home safely?

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