Hemant Rastogi is a middle-aged man who was supposed to be staying all alone in a house. Suddenly there is news about his death and police is called. Upon investigation, police realizes that there is something strange about it. Their doubts about the house become stronger when neighbours tell them that apart from Hemant Rastogi, the house is occupied by someone else too. Police comes to know that the person was none other than Hemant's son Tejas (Akshay Kapoor). Now the question arises in their mind is - Why would anyone keep his own son confined in dark isolation? It is decided that Tejas would be admitted to an institute that was run by Purva (Dia Mirza). The sole aim of the institution was to look after orphans and those youngsters who has just stepped into the world of crime, and show some hopes of returning back to the normal life. Purva is happy to look after Tejas but is meanwhile irritated by his behaviour. He is simply different from any other man and acts differently. As Purv

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