Aan - Men At Work Story

Aan is a story of a young police officer's struggle to bring justice to a corrupt town. DCP Hari Om Patnaik (Akshay Kumar) is assigned to a police station and is shocked to find the rules and regulations that govern its working. His very reasons for joining the police force are thrown to the wind. His colleagues, Inspector Vikram Singh (Shatrughan Sinha) and Appa Kadam Naik (Sunil Shetty) have accepted the easy way of life by leaving the big-wigs alone, go after the henchmen, and arrange encounters with them, as well as take and split bribes (haftas) to augment their meagre earnings. Hari Om attempts to change this, and ends up having Havaldar Khaled (Paresh Rawal) killed at the hands of the henchmen, who he had ordered to be released. Now he must content with the rest of the staff at the police station, his seniors, the general public, as well as the criminals.