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-JollyJabeen- 2012-01-21T20:37:47Z Such a cute picture,everyone looks wonderful! :D
ANJ4 2011-11-28T22:23:51Z Nice picture of all of you. Ahem you look the best . you look so nice.
Ichangedit 2011-11-27T12:49:01Z Great picture. Really like to see the cast together off screen
NazmaJ 2011-11-25T15:38:03Z What a lovely picture. Nazim looks gorgeous!! Is it just me or does it seem like he's looking directly at you?
_Precious_ 2011-11-22T06:00:01Z This is a recent picture. All of you looking good. Nazi, Vishal, Feroza, Hetal, Dhawal all are looking great. Missing Giaa.
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