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-Nafisa- 2011-11-26T14:35:40Z these colours suit you, wishing you all the best.
munnihyderabad 2011-11-26T10:30:08Z wow gopi soo adorable with the sindoor and smile
sandiab 2011-11-26T00:08:36Z Gopi bahu rocks..Giaa you looking cute in this picture

ANJ4 2011-11-24T21:26:32Z Very nice picture of you ...
Would like to see you with a different hair style on the show
sandiab 2011-11-24T06:12:03Z woww Gopi bahu rocks..Giaa you looking cute in this picture
-Nafisa- 2011-11-22T04:12:40Z Really nice close up picture, wish for you to change your hairstyle though.
Ichangedit 2011-11-22T04:01:11Z Lovely picture. Just the way I imagined a indian daughter in law to be^^
_Mannat_ 2011-11-21T22:16:23Z A veryy Beautifull pic Giaa! Luv u soo muchh!
NazmaJ 2011-11-21T17:36:10Z Lovely picture of Gopi!! Hope we see a lot more of Gopi with Ahem in the show!!
-JollyJabeen- 2011-11-21T12:55:18Z Gopi looks so cute in this pic,i love it so much,what a cute woman!
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