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B.Sobti_08 8 months ago BARUN SOBTI... The most beautiful man, the most talented actor, the most charming and modest Person//=
Regina.BS 8 months ago Barun Sobti what a beautiful you are! Pleasure for the eyes! Love you
B.Sobti_08 8 months ago BARUN SOBTI, My hero, my angel! The most beautiful, the most talented/+
demosobti 8 months ago Our charming Prince, handsome and fantastic Barun Sobti, the most talented
DodyBarun 8 months ago BARUN SOBTI is the sexiest and most beautiful in the world. He is a wonderful person and the best actor.."""
sallybarun 8 months ago Barun Sobti you are the best and cutest actor in the world .All the best .millions of people miss you so much"""...
samarsobti 8 months ago Barun Sobti, my beautiful actor, your talent is fantastic. You are the best actor in the world,,
DodyBarun 9 months ago Barun Sobti-the most talented actor, the most beautiful man! ... Barun Sobti is the best! God bless you!\=
Ramiliamuliukov 9 months ago Barun Sobti, our dear man, please do not disappear for long, we are waiting for you on the big and small screen.
Barun.S_84 9 months ago Barun Sobti is the most brilliant actor of Indian TV, best actor amazing talent, he has no equal/*-
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