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Minion23 7 years ago Looking gorgeous ankita!! Love Uu so much!!!
Guggu_Minty 7 years ago Ankita looking very beautiful in this poster...
vinusushita 7 years ago Nice pic...Ankita is looking absolutely beautiful.
-Keval- 7 years ago Beautiful picture.. Ankita is very pretty..
-Pranati- 7 years ago Lovely pic.. Ankita looks beautiful and hiten looks good..
Ankita70 7 years ago Amazing picture.. Ankita looks very beautiful...
-Piu- 7 years ago Wowww... Fabulous what a fantastic picture...
-Prasad- 7 years ago What a beautiful poster.. Woww
Ankita looks beautiful...
Tanyaz 7 years ago What a beautiful poster .I love the design .It's very creative and the whole idea of the two shadows seperated but the real images are so together is so unique and romantic .
Guggu_Minty 7 years ago U r looking very beautiful Ankita in this pic...
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