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Tellybuzz Articles,

New TB article
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New Fantasy Show Arsalan Started In Sony

The popular entertainment channel in the Indian television industry, Sony Entertainment Television has just started telecasting a brand new fantasy show named Arsalan that has been produced by Sagar Arts. The sources from the channel have stated that the show is going to depict a story that is based on Japanese tales and it is also consisting of a lot of martial arts and magic. The sources informed that the show is having a number of 5 young kids as the lead characters and famous actor, Mukul Dev, is playing the lead negative actor of the character of the show.

Informing that the popular actress of the Indian television industry, Kishwar Merchant is playing an important role in the serial, the producer of Arsalan, Mr. Shakti Sagar said that this is his second fantasy show, after the successful Hatim. He was talking about the 5 new kids who are playing the lead roles in the show and said, "We needed young college kids to fit the character". He was also talking about the story of the show and said, "We have taken classical story in a fantasy land but have presented it a very contemporary way".

The actor, Mukul Dev who is playing the lead negative character in the show was talking about his character in the show and said, "My character Zafar was part of Arsalan's father's magician tribe, but since he had gone astray, the latter had to punish him. Zafar was imprisoned in ice cubicle for 200 years. When he escapes, with the help of Kishwar, he wants to take revenge on the family. Accordingly, he destroys Arsalan family palace and kills his parents". So, it seems that another interesting fantasy show has started in Sony Entertainment Television and the young viewers are definitely going to enjoy the fantasy show, very much.

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Hi Guyss Interview with the arslaan Cast

Someone has filmed it with a mobile phone  so not clear, but good to hearWink

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Niel Bhatt in and as 'Arslaan'

The modern day fantasy, 'Arslaan', kick started on Sony entertainment television. The show is about heroism, humor, action, adventure and magic and a heartwarming story of the good versus the evil. Niel Bhatt plays the role of the super hero 'Arslaan'. We caught up with the young lad to get a better insight about his role.
In and as Arslaan…
I play Arslaan in 'Arslaan'. Arslaan translates to lion and my character is lion-hearted and warm. There is no negativity associated with my character. A person who feels good and positive about everything and sees the goodness in everybody and that gets him trapped in different circumstances. He is highly determined and hard-working. He is also an orphan and faces a difficulty in finding an identity for himself. He also joins a magical school where others constantly pull his leg but he still doesn't harm anybody. Gradually he finds his identity and what the future holds for him".
Arslaan happened…
I took part in the auditions and they liked me and called me for a look test. And I was quite sure and had a gut feeling that I had made it. Later after the look test, I was told that I was selected.
Arslaan is my debut…
This is the first time that I am trying my hands at acting and I hope to give my best. From my childhood, I always wanted to be an actor and wanted to pursue law if not acting. This opportunity happened to me naturally and I want to make the fullest out of it.
Why Arslaan…
When I heard about the super-hero and its concept, I was quite excited about it and that is the reason I tried. It is totally a different genre and something that is not been explored until date in our industry. Moreover, this concept would surely appeal to children and I love children. They are the most innocent creatures and impressing them is not very easy.
Arslaan is different…
There is newness and freshness in the concept of Arslaan. It is not clichd. The approach itself is different and it is not another regular show for the viewers. It is more like watching a film. I don't watch a lot of serials but this one is very close to me and I am very attached to it. Everything is made as natural as possible to show the freshness in the concept. Nothing is done over-board.
The challenge…
Was to prepare myself mentally for the role and the action sequences, which takes a lot on you. The action sequences especially were shot differently and I needed to meet the requirements.
My co-stars…
I am the only new face here and the others are quite experienced. But they don't treat me like that and are quite friendly, professional and warm. The treatment is good and healthy. All of them are so dedicated and some of them inspire me. They also help me whenever possible and are supportive.
Just Arslaan as of now…
I want to focus on Arslaan right now and give my fullest to it. I'm not looking up to anything else as for now. Will take up things as and when as it comes…

here is the link to the interview!Smile


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On Sunday, July 27 at 7 pm IST on Sony Entertainment Television

This series is a coming of age magical story of a young boy who goes on to become a superhero - Arslaan! It is set in the olden times, 3,000 years ago in the past. His quest for identity takes him on a journey that brings out the superhero within. His supernatural powers ultimately help him in vanquishing the evil lord (Zaakfaar), to reinstate goodness in this world.

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how Neil Bhatt transfers into Arslaan

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