KAPPSTH Sat ( 19/7/08) Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
Hello everyone....This is my  first update for this show ...so plz bear with me and if u dont like my update..Catch  henna  as she choose  me for this job....Wink
    The episode starts  with  contestant of yesterdays episode  who is Shrushti  Bharwa from Assam.... She had  won 1 lakh rupees yesterday and  she chooses Class-3 stories category for Question of 2 lakh rupees. 
Ques:  In Mahabharat which son of the wind God- Vaayu met Bhima ?
Shrushti decided to quit  as she has no idea about the question and also no cheats r left... Shrushti quits and wins  1 Lakh rupees Clap Clap
Srk gives answer of the question. It was : Pavan putra Hanuman.
    Srk and  Shrushti have small dance on  Ladka bada anjana hai and she then leaves....
Srk then introduces  his next contestant  Vandana who is from Delhi and has come with her husband-Sanjay....She  is a teacher of primary school  teaching from class 1 to 5.....
Vandana chooses Milanjit as her first partner and  She chooses Class 1 Animal kingdom category for ques of  Rs 10,000.
Ques:True or false: Tortoise cralws on 6 legs:
Vandana knows the answer and she fixes False.
Srk says it is right answer and tortoise cralws on 4 legs...and she wins 10,000 RS..Clap
Vandana chooses her next category  which is  Class 1- stories  for Rs 20,000.
Ques: True or false: Micky mouse has a dog called pluto?
Vandana is confused with ques that pluto is a dog but not sure of mickey's or not? She then decides to fix the answer True.
Srk confuses her and then says that it is right answer and she wins RS 20,000.Clap
Home work ques:Which of there fictional characters studied in Howghart school?
1)mogli   2) Harry potter   3)tarzan
Ans: Harry potter...
Vandana then chosses her second partner Sripanna.. She decided to choose  category of Class 2- social studies for question of RS 50,000.
Ques: In which month is van-mohatsav observed every year in india?
Vandana  dont know the answer and so she decided to do cheating. She chooses copy  Tank-jhak cheat. Sripanna has written July and Vandana  decided to fix it...
 Srk says the answer is right and she wins RS 50,000.Clap
Vandana then chooses Category of class 4 - Plant kingdom for ques of Rs 1 lakh.
Ques:True or false? Mangroove  trees have roots above ground.
Vandana knows the answer and she decided to fix True.
Srk says  the answer is right and she wins RS 1 lakh...Clap
Vandana  chooses her  next partner-Dhairiya. She  decided to choose Category of class 4- general knowledge.
Ques: Which flag is this from middle east asia? (it is visual ques)
Vandana is having no idea and so she decides to use cheat- copy and  Dhairiya has written- Egypt. vandana decides to fix it and Srk says it is right answer. Vandana has won RS 2 lakh..Clap
Vandana then chooses her next category  of Class 5- Science for ques of Rs-5 lakh.
Ques: For which diseases did Louis Paster create vaccine? A) polio, B) Rabbies, C) Small pox.
Vandana is very sure  for option C ie small pox and fixes it but unfortunately the answer is wrong.
Dhairiya had written Option  B ie Rabies which is right answer....So vandana wins Rs 5 lakhClap and all he cheats r over now.....
Vandana chosses her next category ie Class-2 Indian geography for ques of RS 10 lakh.
Ques: What is he capital of jharkahnd?
Vandana knows the answer and she fixes Ranchi.. which is right answer and so she wins Rs 10 lakh.Clap
Vandana and Srk have dance on Tumhe jo maine dekha.......Embarrassed
Vandana  then chosses category of  Class 5- Personalitites for 20 lakhs.
Ques:  Who became youngest chess player in world  and won the award?
Vandana is not at all sure about answer and so she decided to quit.. Srk is happy with her decision and she quits and wins RS 10 lakh which she decided to help her students in studies....Clap
Srk then introduces his next contestant who is Jyotirmag from Banglore....
Jyotirmag chiosses category of class 1 personalities for 10000rs..
Ques: Born in varanasi which freedom fighter's name was manikarnika?
Jotirmag is confused but then decides to fix Rani laxmibai and the answer is right.He  wins rs 10,000.
The bell rings then and so Srk stops the class and he says going that now the show is going to come an end and only 4 episodes r left...so meet u tomorrow again..bye....Wink
Luv Seema...Embarrassed
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for doing the Saturday updates for me.I am so very greatfulHug
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Posted: 11 years ago
thanks alot for such a detailed episode.
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Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by seemahujufan

Hello everyone....This is my  first update for this show ...so plz bear with me and if u dont like my update..Catch  henna  as she choose  me for this job....Wink

hey seema... thanx for stepping in to do this for the forum... u're more than capable of doing so... issliye I chose you.. only..Embarrassed
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