kya ye sirf dosti hai??Part 11 upd pg 14

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I am trisha.I am 13 years old.And this my 1st ff.And the most important thing please comment on my work whether it is good or bad.It encourges me if i get good comments and i will come to know my mistakes 

                   KYA YE SIRF DOSTI HAI??  

Anjali,Muskaan&Riddhima are sisters and are daughters of Dr Shashank and Dr Padma

Atul,Rahul&Armaan are brothers and are the sons of Dr Rohit and Dr Juhi
Rahul,Atul&Armaan know Anjali,Muskaan&Riddhima from childhood as their parents are good friends

                                                                GUPTA GIRLS

Anjali Gupta:She is an intern in SANJEEVANI.She is the eldest daughter of Shashank and Padma.She loves both her sisters.She has a soft corner for Atul.She is 23

Muskaan Gupta:She is doing her 3rd year of medicine.She is bubbly,smart,bindaas.She loves riddhima and anjali.And shares all her secrets
with them.She likes Rahul alot.She goes ga ga over him.

Riddima Gupta:She is the youngest daughter of Shashank and Padma.She is most pampered of all still she is not a spoilt brat.She is smart,talented,stylish and caring.Her bestest friend is Armaan she shares all her secrets with Armaan which hasn't even shared with her sisters.She is in the 12th standard

                                              'MALLIK BOYS

Atul Mallik:He is innocent,cute,handsome and the best bro Rahul and Armaan can have.He is also an intern in SANJEEVANI.He likes Anjali

Rahul Mallik
:He is a cool dude but when he is his family or the gupta's he is a complete gentlemen.He loves muskaan but he doesn't know whether it is love or not.He is in the 3rd year of medicine

Armaan Mallik:The heart-throbe of his college.He is in the 12th standard.When he is studying he is a total padaku.24*7 he is with riddhima and likes her alot.He can imagine life without his brothers but not without riddhima

                                         PART 1

Gupta Mansion

Anjali:Muskaan jaldi uth.Tuje der ho jayegi

Muskaan:(in her sleep)Kya hai Anji di??Sone do na

Anjali:Muskaan tuje university jana hai.

Muskaan:Arey sone de na.Aj muje acche sapne a rahe hai

Anjali gets an idea

Anjali:Dekh Rahul tera neeche wait kar raha hai(giggling)

Muskaan gets up hearing the word 'RAHUL'

She gets up instantly

Muskaan:Kya?Rahul kaha hai

Anjali was laughing

Muskaan:(gets angry)Tuje toh mai baad mai dekh lungi.(goes to the bathroom)

Meanwhile Riddhima gets up

Riddhima:Good Morning Di

Anjali:Good Morning Ridz
(Riddhima has changed her clothes and wore a jogging suit)

Riddhima:Di mai jogging ke liye ja rahi hu.

Anjali:Ridz tuje college nahi jana.

Riddhima:Jana hai 10 baje.Abhi 8 baje hai

Anjali:Lucky you

Riddhima goes for jogging.She reaches the basket ball court and see's no one is there

Riddhima:Arey abhi tak nahi aya.Oh God armaan kaha ho tum??

Armaan:Mai yaha hu

Riddhima:Like always mai phele pohchi(reach)

Armaan:Mai kya karu?Muje bathroom use karna tha.Rahul aur Atul bro ne kaha ki tum sabse chote ho toh last jana.

Riddhima:Tum naha ke aye ho??

Armaan:Na.Muje bathroom jana tha

Both laugh.They play basketball

Riddhima:Muje jana hai.9 baj gaye



Armaan:Ya Ya College

Riddhima:So bye

Riddhima was about to leave when armaan said

Armaan:Riddhima mai tumhe pick up karne aoga(will come)


Armaan:9:45 be ready

Riddhima:Ok.Hum kaise ja rahe hai

Armaan:Dad ki car se




Armaan:Take Care Ridhu

Riddhima:You too Armu

Riddhima leaves

Armaan:God!!She's a sweet heart

Part 1 - Page 1
Part 2 - Page 2
Part 3 - Page 3
Part 4 - Page 4
Part 5 - Page 6
Part 6 - Page 8
Part 7 - Page 9
Part 8 - Page 11
Part 9 - Page 11 
Part 10 - Page 12      
Part 11 - Page 14                                                    

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Posted: 2008-07-11T08:29:17Z
nyc intro n nyc part!!!
cont soon!
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Posted: 2008-07-11T08:52:30Z

Hey Trisha!

This was a very cute intro! Embarrassed Embarrassed
Really lieked the character intro! Clap Clap Embarrassed

Do continue soon...Please PM me 2 if possible! Embarrassed

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Posted: 2008-07-11T08:58:54Z
hey dat as great intro very nce
wud luv mre updtes
continue soon

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Posted: 2008-07-11T09:19:47Z

Hey Trisha!..Big smile
Welcome to IF!Big smile
btw i am also 13!WinkEmbarrassed

This was a Very Cute Intro!..Embarrassed
Really liked it!Embarrassed

Continue soon!


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Posted: 2008-07-11T11:00:57Z
not bad!!! First ff and it's really very sweet!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for my R-M and A-A!!! Continue Soon!!! Wow! You're only 13? I'm 18. Not bad for a first timer!

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Posted: 2008-07-11T11:41:02Z
hi. tht was nice. short and sweet. but continue soon!!!!!!!!!! Smile
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Posted: 2008-07-11T12:51:02Z
sooooooooooooooooooo chweeeeeeetttttttt
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