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Posted: 2008-05-29T11:42:24Z

Alekh says he hates Vasu as she always barks at him. Sadi explains that it's not like that Vasu loves him a lot still he doesn't believe and told her to go from there. Vasu went.

The same person calls Sonia again and she barks at the caller. Sonia: I told u not to call me, this job will take time, what if someone hear us. I'm coming to meet u then we will talk about it. Ranveer came in and says they will go to movie. Sonia says she can't her mom called her and they are going to her mom's friend. Ranveer says there's no problem as they can go together. Ranveer drops her and says he will pick her up but Sonia says that she will manage. They bet on that. ( the challenge was that Sonia had to come home by herself) Ranveer: I will wait for u. Sonia: bye, take care, and don't drive fast okey. He went. Sonia takes a Riksha, Ranveer saw Sonia mobile lying in the car. (whahah Sonia didn't know she forgot her mobile wahahaLOL) Ranveer went back to give back the mobile. Sonia in the Riksha puts some lipstick and gloss. Ranveer reaches at the place he dropped Sonia.  He went at the door and saw that the door is locked. Ranveer: the door is locked so Sonia…………… and he turned back and Sonia was standing infront of him. Sonia: Thank god, Ranveer u came, I came here and saw the door locked. I thinks I lost my mobile. Ranveer: sweetheart, u forgot ur mobile in the car. Sonia: ooo ur so sweet, how can I live without u (are Sonia ki bachchi mind it okeyEmbarrassed) Someone called and sonia: mama, ur to much nah, before sending me here u should have informed, I'm here now and no one's home, Ranveer came to drop me. They went from there.

Sadi came to choti ma. Sadi: why Alekh hates Vasu? Choti ma: Vasu has done so much for Alekh but…… There was a call for Sadi from mamaji's house it was Ragi.

Ragi gives Ragi two good news: 1. she gonna take part in a competition. Sadi asks how. Ragi: who, Sadi, actually, the competition I had with Dolly nah, the marks were not counted good, so I had more marks then Dolly and the second good news is that Vinu bhaya got a very good job. Sadi was very happy. Ragi: Sadi, can I ask u something? Actually Dolly has been disqualified, how is she doing now? Sadi remembers the way Dolly talked with her. Sadi says Dolly is fine, she's very nice. Sadi thinks: maybe this the reason why Dolly behaved that way. I have to talk with her……………




At mamaji's house


Ragi going for her dance classes to practise for the competition. Naniji: put on some cream…. Kaushi: she's right, and best of luck. Ragi went. Naniji: I tell u Kaushi, u will have to cry for this girl, wherever I go because of Sadi I always hear bad things. Kaushi: what can we do ma, it's our destiny. Malti sends Vinu to go and some blab la of her. They pray and Vinu went. Nanaiji asks where Malti is going and she says she's going to the market. Sadi serves everyone, and they discuss some business. Sadi asks about Dolly and choti ma says she's in her room. Vasu asks about Sonia parents and Sonia says they will be here after two days. Sadi asks Ranveer what he wants to eat and he says her to sit and have breakfast with them. Sadi says she will have her breakfast with Alekh. Sonia's mobile rings………… and she went from there………..




Sonia: ya ya the job is almost done, these people are arranging my wedding with Ranveer. Sadi came there and Sonia was shocked. Sadi: go and have ur breakfast. Sadi went to Dolly with breakfast. Sadi: u didn't came for breakfast so I brought it here for u, please have it. Dolly, I know ur upset because u have been disqualified, so please forget it and have ur breakfast. Dolly barks at her and told her to go from there. Dolly also says what does Sadi thinks that Ragi is a better dancer then her, noooo never, just get out from here and don't ever come in this room…………….



Precap: Ranveer says that Sonia isn't like other girls and she knows her culture, she doesn't smoke or drinks alcohol. Sadi thinks: that means Sonia didn't told Ranveer she's is smoker………………..


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Posted: 2008-05-29T11:50:36Z
Thanks for the update
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Posted: 2008-05-29T12:13:56Z
sonia's vices will come out 1 by 1!!! LOL Clap
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Posted: 2008-05-29T13:06:17Z
thank u darling Clap Clap and I am so in love with AS my GOD they are so cute together Big smile
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Posted: 2008-05-29T18:25:47Z

ooo ranvir is in for a shock LOL
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Posted: 2008-05-30T02:10:52Z

thnks for d update yaar ClapClapClap

i really missed alekh ans sadi scenes CryCry

i hope mon we can see there scenes Smile

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Posted: 2008-05-30T03:26:24Z
thanks for the update
i wish sadi can tell ranvir next that sonia does smoke
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