mystery phone call.... ooohhh

Posted: 2008-05-27T11:57:57Z
first things first... I LOVE BIDAAI... lol

so today we saw Sonia getting a phone call and cutting it off in the car with Ranvir with a worried expression

and then while playing cricket, another phone call and another worried expression... "i'll come back when the work is done" and she gets scared when she notices Aalekh behind her... something is obviously up

who do you guys think it could be???

i'm predicting a boyfriend back in the states... someone her parents don't approve of because he's like not well off or something... so that's why she's with Ranvir to get his money and then leave him to be with mystery man

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Posted: 2008-05-27T12:51:32Z
my thought exactly, it must be her real boyfriend with whom she has planned to make a fool of Ranvir.

knowing that Aalekh has heard her, she will think that he will not be able to create trouble or stop her
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Posted: 2008-05-27T15:02:09Z
I thought it might be a boyfriend too, coz it didnt feel like she was talking to a girl

I think Sonia believe that if Alekh does say something she will deny it coz she can play on the fact that he is not well and is getting confused/mixed up

I doubt Sonia will go and speak to Alekh herself, coz she is kinda scared of him lol
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Posted: 2008-06-03T15:19:52Z
uh oh now there is a mystery man in her room.... i wonder what he looks like????
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Posted: 2008-06-03T23:17:46Z
I also fink that it is her boyfriend, but he doesnt have that much money so probably He and Sonia have planned to trap Ranvir
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Posted: 2008-06-03T23:45:53Z
I dont think its Sonia's boyfriend, but it is definitely soemone who along with Sonia has planned to destroy the Rajvansh parivaar. I think the motive here is more than money, money is a part of the whole thing but it could be revenge with the rajvansh parivaar or something like that.
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Posted: 2008-06-04T02:13:41Z
it must be some oldrivalry witht the rajvanch family & the guy blackmailing tina. Tina may be just mohra (puppet) at the guy's hand
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Posted: 2008-06-05T00:59:43Z
revenge... hmmm thats interesting... but after seeing her parents in today's episode i think it's most likely a money scheme
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