Sadi and Ranvir... i predict trouble!

Posted: 2008-05-25T14:32:11Z
Hey All!

What a great week of Bidaai episodes... Sadi and Aalekh are falling in love... Vasu is such an understanding mother-in-law... everything seems to be falling into place BUT i'm getting the feeling that Sadi is going to learn all about Sonia's evil intentions and when she tries to warn the family i predict a few things to happen

1) Vasu will believe her but will be too scared to do anything because that means Sadi will want Ragni in the family
2) Ranvir will resent Sadi for making such accusations... their perfect little Bhabi and Devar relationship will be compromised!

wht do you guys think?
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Posted: 2008-05-25T15:51:05Z
I do think Sadi will be the one to see that Sonia is not all she seems etc

But i am not sure whether she will tell anyone or will Sonia threaten her if she does

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Posted: 2008-05-25T17:31:14Z
Yea, and when Sadi tries telling Vasu abt it... Vasu will just think that Sadi is doing that so she can get Ragini married to Ranvir. I dont know what her reaction will be when she finds out Sadi is saying the truth, cuz she wont want a girl like that in her family I'm sure Ouch
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Posted: 2008-05-25T17:44:11Z
Vasu thinks she doesnt want to ruin Ranvir's life, by getting him married to Ragini

Getting Sonia and Ranvir married is going to definately ruin his life and Vasu's life
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Posted: 2008-05-25T18:00:50Z
yeah i think Sadi will be the 1st to know about the real intentions of Sonia, but lets see if she tries to tell them or just concentrates on Aalekh.

Vasu may have an inkling but may try to see the other way cause of Ragini.

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Posted: 2008-05-26T05:11:34Z
sadhna will find out bwt Sonia and tell either Vasu or Choti Maa about it. If Sadhna tells Vasu she might beieve Sadhna as Vasu thinks Sadhna is not that type of girl who lies and stuff but infront of Sadhna she will pretend to be against it.

I fnk Choti Maa will help Sadhna
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Posted: 2008-05-26T05:54:37Z
^ thats a good theory Smile

That Vasu in front of Sadi will pretend to be against it, coz we have seen Vasu do that
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Posted: 2008-05-26T11:14:51Z
yea the fact that Vasu might keep Sonia around just to keep Ragni out... that's sad!
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