Vasu not a bad mother-in-law

Posted: 2008-05-25T12:50:09Z
hello yaaro,

i was watching Bidaii and the scene, when Vasu and Ranvir find Sadhna and Akleh. Vasu is yelling on their irresponsibility and she sees that Akleh is holding Sadhna's hands and smiles loving..

I thought that was a sweet scene and came to think that Vasu might not a bad person after all! alright.. yes she schemed and manipulated in getting Sadhan and Akleh married, but i mean she must have seen something in Sadhna to realize that she was the woman who would change her son and make him better. She did what she did for the love as a mother and in regards to that, she choose a girl for him that she felt might help him come back to his normal state.

Further more, she has also shown no indifference to Sadhna's family, being that they belong to a middle class family. She gave them the love and respect that they deserved and have supported Sadhna against her own daughter in the house. 

Yes, Vasu might look like the villain of the show but she turned out to be the match maker of the must beloved and appreciated pair of Sadhna and Akleh.

SO , to conclude I think that she is improving as a person and maybe the favorite Saas in the Star Parivaar show..

here's hoping..

luv to all


PS; what do you guys think? please leave your comments.,.

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Posted: 2008-05-25T22:03:58Z
13 views and no replies!!?? Cry
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Posted: 2008-05-25T23:51:27Z
ya i agree wif u. The thing is Vasu alwayz wantz things to go her way but apart from that i dnt think that she is too villian
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Posted: 2008-05-26T00:35:26Z
yes, Vasu is not a bad mother -in-law nor is she is a bad person. She did everything (bad) for Sadhna to get married to Alekh and I think thats quite understandable. And after marriage, she is treating Sadhna well (for eg, that day when Dolly was shouting at Sadhna, Vasu supported Sadhna). and now even when she is talking of Sonia-Ranvir marriage, I think she is not being wicked or something, she is being normal. She is just thinking like a mother and wants the best for her sons. Only thing is Vasu is a normal human beings and we all are selfish to an extent.
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Posted: 2008-05-26T04:14:38Z
I really like her character..........firm and confident always...............
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Posted: 2008-05-26T05:56:44Z
I agree

I dont think Vasu is entirely bad, she has got her pros and cons
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Posted: 2008-05-26T12:21:08Z
I Agree Too

She Isnt That Badd.. But She Could Atleast stop caring for her son and think of how sadhna feels at timess.. But Then again when you don't expect it she starts to be nice! Big smile
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Posted: 2008-05-26T13:08:04Z
i think she will take good care of sadhna and her feelings
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