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Posted: 2008-05-25T10:15:08Z
Not fair enough
Are Indians obsessed with white skin?

Cries of racial allegation are once again being heard loudly from a cricket field. Two dusky British cheerleaders have alleged that they were removed from the troop as their employers preferred to have white girls. This is a controversy that the Indian Premier League could have done without but this once again leads to debate whether Indians are obsessed with white skin.

Mayur Lookhar spoke to few celebs to get their take on this.

Mona Singh
This is really disgusting. We made a lot of hue and cry when one of our own (Shilpa Shetty) faced racial discrimination abroad but sadly no one is taking up their (cheerleaders) case. It's us who have called these girls to perform and we can't be treating them like that.

People around me are not obsessed with the fairer sex but if you look at the ad world and especially the fairness cream ads then one can't help but feel that it's white skin that sells more.

Anoop Soni
I don't think we are obsessed with fair skin but we are obsessed with foreigners whether they are white or black. I don't know the exact details pertaining to the plight of these girls so, I really can't comment whether they were hard done. Indians like to see foreigners irrespective of their colour. However, between ourselves we do find such discrimination on grounds of colour. This is a common trait in our entertainment industry.

Parul Chauhan
As a person of dark skin myself, I can empathise with them. It's pretty wrong what has happened to them. However, I wouldn't agree entirely that Indians are obsessed with fair skin. The urbanites are broadminded and it's only in the rural areas that you find such discrimination. The TV industry has accepted me the way I am and so I don't think TV actors face such discrimination.

Sharad Kelkar

Well, I'm not obsessed with the fairer skin but it is a bitter truth that Indians tend to have a liking for white skin. However, that's not the story across the nation. I would say 60 per cent of our people are obsessed with fairer sex. It's an unfortunate situation but it's been the case for a long time.

Maninee De
The prejudice of colour is ingrained into our system. Indians when they travel abroad are lauded for their skin but back home we are treated shabbily. You need to surf across the various matrimonial sites where men have given preference for a fair girl. I was lucky to be born to parents who are very liberal and never made me feel uncomfortable about my colour. However, people around me used to mock at me saying how would I get a good looking groom.As actors, we don't face such discrimination but in the ad world, it's the fairer sex that's given preference. It's high time that people look beyond one's complexion.

Jay Bhanushali

It's a very boring topic. I wouldn't like to comment on it now.


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Posted: 2008-05-25T11:07:23Z
Thnx...Some ppl do need to be more libereal open minded...I don't understand wht's wrong with being Dark???
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Posted: 2008-05-25T12:40:31Z
to be honest.. i dont see what the problem will having slightly darker skin is!

I mean look at Parul.. she may not be the typical gori gori girl but she has her own kind of beauty that makes her different and completely memorial in the minds of the viewers!!!

besides.. i always thought taht she is pretty her and Saloni too!!!

others who's skin color is more important should remember.. that in the end, the skin, the "beauty" have to go.. everyone will one day have wrinkles (unless going through extensive surgery changes that) and the only thing that people will remember you by is the person that you were not how you looks..

luv pri
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