Tere naam 4 Garv-Kumud

Posted: 2005-09-20T14:31:20Z
PART-1....Garv is a guy who has a dream girl in life.he has not seen her.but he was waiting 2 see her. he was close 2 his bhabhi Tashu:i'm sure that 1 day i'll meet her. tashu supports him:its gud 2 hav dreams.best of luck. garv smiles:thanks bhabhi. unexpectedly an accident tkes place & garv's brother aryaman dies. every1 becoes moody.garv was in a stage that he cud'nt even dream. months passed.every1 decides 2 make garv marry tashu. garv & tashu were shocked. garv shouts:no..i can't marry bhabhi.i can't see her as my wife.she'll be always my respectful bhabhi. tashu sheds tears.she becomes happy.but their family members keep on forcing them 4 the marriage. both garv & tashu become really upset. tashu thinks:poor garv.bcoz of me his sweet dreams r breaking..tashu cries.
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Posted: 2005-09-20T14:49:07Z
cool start, conitinue...
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Posted: 2005-09-20T17:32:44Z
great...plz continue soon
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Posted: 2005-09-20T21:25:57Z
nice opening Clap please contiue soon...... Wink
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Posted: 2005-09-21T04:09:16Z
PART-2.....Tashu seemed 2 be missing.every1 becomes upset.garv finds a letter in his diary. garv:oh...its written by tashu bhabhi. he reads it:garv..i don't want 2 break ur dreams.i don't want u 2be sad bcoz of me.i don't want 2 hurt u.so i'm going...plz don't follow me.but plz look after my child. garv sweats.he goes seaching 4 tashu.but fails. he was tired & sleepy.the 2yr ld child of tashu cumes & holds his hand.garv gets upset about the child. he gets touched by the innocent smile of the child.he smiles at her with pity. he:i'm leaving my dreams 4 u.2dy onwards u r my child. he hugs the child. her name is kajal. 2 yrs passed. she cumes running 2wards garv:papa....garv:what my darling daughter? kajal:i want 2 put kajal.plz put it 4 me.. garv:why not? he does so. garv:u look so pretty 2day.2day is ur 1st day at school.u'll be the beauty of the chool. kajal:really? garv:yes..kajal smiles. garv:so cute..he remembers tasu & aryaman pampering her when she was small. garv's eyes got filled up with tears. kajal:papa,why r u crying? garv:nothing beti..garv carries her in his arms 2 the school.he tickles her.kajal & garv laugh.
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Posted: 2005-09-21T10:16:57Z
Cry Wink plz read
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Posted: 2005-09-21T10:24:38Z
very nice..touchy and emotional
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Posted: 2005-09-21T21:02:55Z
very emtional and wonderful Clap Clap please contiue soon Embarrassed
when will kumud and garv meet?
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