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Posted: 2008-04-28T14:06:19Z
hey guys this is my very first ff called "Sirf Tum".it might not be as good as others.but still plez read.


Kanya Godbole(sorry if i spelled the last name wrong)-22 years old.Beautiful,simple,sweet,kind,helpful,caring,smart,stylish (but has good sanskar or w/e u wanna call it),waiting for her prince charming to swept her off her feet.She loves to help people,She is all most done her studies in Canada,but is coming back to Mumbai early cuz her mom misses her too much.

Ranbir Nanda-24 years old. handsome,hot,hunk,sexyWink,funny,caring(to his friends n family)cute,fun to be with,sweet.He is a hate guru to the people that he doesn't like but to his friends he is sweet as a teddy bear Smile.He also studies in Canada but is coming back,cuz he misses his family.
Jay-24 years old.Cute,sweet,athletic,likes to flirt with girls,Has a HUGE crush on Prachi but doesn't show it(instead he annoys her)n he is a bit of a show off
Prachi-22 years old.Cute sporty but also girly(whenever she is with Kanya)she hates Jay(cuz he is a show off,but gets along with him)best friends with Kanya.they r practically sisters.

those r the characters i will post part 1 if u guys want.it's all up to u.but once again i would like to remind u that this is my first ff so i may not be that good.but still plez read.

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Posted: 2008-04-28T14:14:50Z
great characters...sounds interesting!
continue soon Smile

Ranbirs pic isnt showing! Cry lol his is the only one not workng Angry
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Posted: 2008-04-28T14:25:01Z
Nice characters
Continue soooooooooon
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Posted: 2008-04-28T14:31:34Z
INTERESTING Ermm Will they meet on the plane?
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Posted: 2008-04-28T14:37:40Z
nice characters
luv prachi............shes realli pretti!
um.......start soon!
and gud luck!
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Posted: 2008-04-28T15:21:47Z
thanks for commenting.i will start today.apparently the site for the pic isn't working for some reason.sorry.

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Posted: 2008-04-28T15:47:41Z
sounds interesting...
pls start sooon
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Posted: 2008-04-28T16:24:03Z
...:::Part 1:::...

it was a beautiful sunny day.the sun was shinning,the birds were singing,it was so peaceful.the sun shined in a girls room.it shined on her face which made her wake up.she sat up yawning n stretching her arms widely
G:(opens her eyes widely)OH MY GOSH!!!I'M LATE!!!!!
she jumps out of bed n ran to the washrooms,quickly brushed her teeth,then got dressed n took all her luggage n ran out of her room.
G:bye guys i'll miss u all
quickly bids all her roommates goodbye n ran out.the watchman called her a taxi.
G:thank u(gives a sweet smile)
Watchman:u'r welcome have a safe trip
as the watchman puts all her luggage away Riya(the girls friend)calls her
Kanya turns around
K:what is it?
Ri:here i got u something(hands her a little box)
Kanya opens it n smiles.it was a silver heart locket with her first initial on it
it looks something like this

K:(smiles)aww i love it,it's so cute.thanks Riya(gives her a hug)
Ri:i'm gonna miss u
K:i'm gonna miss u too(starts to have a little tears in her eyes)
Ri:now u better go.i don't want u to miss u'r flight
K:(realizes that she was getting late)RIGHT!!!well bye
Kanya gets in the car n the driver takes her to the airport.when she finally reaches the airport she quickly pays the diver n tells him to keep the change n runs.she lines up n shows her passport n her ticket to the host
K:am i late??
H:no ma'am.u still have 5 minutes left
Kanya was relived.she walks out of the line n goes to Tim Horten's cuz she didn't have any breakfast.so she goes n orders
K:hi can i get a muffin n a cup of coffee plez thanks
Kanya starts to eat.by the time she finished she sees that her flight was ready.so she runs.she was running so fast that the didn't notice the "Wet Floor"sign.so she slips n was about to fall but someone catches her.

who was it????
hope u guys liked it.
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