Mujse Dosti Karogi??

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Mujse Dosti Karogi??

Angad: A great charming, young man. Outgoing but can also be shy around new people.

Lives in Mumbai, he used to live in Chandigargh, but moved to Mumbai after his dreams of becoming a famous businessmen like his uncle. Uncle owns many hotels and shopping mall etc. etc…….

Kripa: A young charming student. Doesn't believe in Boy~ Girl friendship. Doesn't believe in true love. Completely opposite of angad, want to become a famous singer becuz her aunt is the famous Alka Yagnik..

Sameer: Kripas brother, who is very protective of her sister and doesn't like anyone messing with Kripa. Believes in moral values and is very loyal to his friends etc.. etc.. etc..

Alisha: Angad Sister, who is very outgoing, and is completely into love, movies, acting etc etc.

Koeyna: Angad other sister who is very into studying she wants to make a name for herself. Believes in her moral values…


Mandy: Kripas best friend, who supports all the time..

Privithi: Alisha boyfriend, he is a all that rock on dude, but he changes when he meets Mandy.



Kripa, a girl with all the moral ethics you will find anywhere. Always taught that love is fake and hurtful. She doesn't like boy~ girl friendship, which turns to love and then turns to hatred eventually with one wrong move.

Mandy: Lets go, krips. You know we are getting late for our class.

Kripa: Yeah, hold on.

Kripa comes out of her room, and walks with Mandy to the front door.

Mandy: You know they are announcing who gets to go to Mumbai on the scholarship. I hope we get it. But kripa I don't get why you don't ask alka aunty, I mean she is famous..

Kripa: You know what? I could and a lot of people would tell me the same thing but I don't want to become something on someone else's help, becuz I know I can do it myself and I'll feel bettez when I get what I want..

Mandy: you and your morals, and values. But I am so glad you're my friend..


Kripa hugged Mandy, without Mandy Kripa would have let go off dreams already but with the help of Mandy, she is still working hard to get her goal and dream. Mandy was the best..

Mandy: Hey can your brother gives us a ride or we'll be really late and miss kajal gets extra mad.

Kripa: Sameer Bhai, Can u give us a ride to college??

Sameer: Kripa, phirse late, ok, I drop you and Mandy off since I am going that way anyway.

Arrived at college.

Kripa: Thx, bhai.

Raj: Hey kripa, you look sexy today, want to go to u know the beach and have fun today mmm????????????

Kripa: what?

Mandy had a scared look on her face, as she saw kripas bro sameer come out of the car and went to Raj.

Kripa: Mandy, Sameer Bhai is going to smush him.

Sameer: What did u say?? This is my sister you are talking to, and if you don't let off her you will pay understand?

Raj: I was kidding dude..

Sameer left and Kripa went to her class with Mandy, in hopes of getting the scholarship to Mumbai, for her singing career like her aunt alka Yagnik Kripa was thrilled.

Miss Kajal: Welcome class, I have a special announcement, Many people signed up for the scholarship program but I can only give 3 people permission to go, and the three lucky names are Mandy, Soham, and Kritika.

Kripa stop smiling.

Mandy: What? How can Kripa not get it.

Miss Kajal: Wait, it's not kritika, its kripa, sorry I was reading different list, cuz there all on same page, names are kripa, Mandy and Soham.

Kripa was so happy to go but she had one challenge which was to persuade her brother Sameer who was very protective.

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Posted: 2005-09-19T15:54:58Z
that was really good plz do continue.
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Posted: 2005-09-19T16:26:44Z
That was very nice! Clap Clap Clap I really like the casting! Wink Wink
Keep It Going! Cont Soon!
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Posted: 2005-09-19T16:39:39Z
Clap Clap Great job!
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Posted: 2005-09-19T17:20:41Z
great job...plz continue soon
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Posted: 2005-09-19T17:39:33Z
dats so good plz cont!! soon!!

keep it up Big smile
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Posted: 2005-09-19T17:48:39Z
Recap: Kripa got the scholarship to mumbai..

Mandy: Kripa, this is going to to be great.
Kripa: but how will i persuade my brother Mandy, you know how protective he is. Didn't you see my brother at musicial art college?
Mandy: yeah, i really wish you could go krips.

Kripa House..............

Kripa: Bhai, I need to talk to u.
Sameer: bolo, kripa.
Kripa: woh atucally, My school is organizing a trip to mumbai for singing edu.. and i got a scholarship to go, and only 3 people get it.
Sameer: Are u going alone??
Kripa: Mandy hai...
sameer: Look kripa, you alone in strange city, is not giving me a good thought, you don't know anyone there, and itz a new city.
Kripa: But bhai, please please.
After long time begging, sameer decided to let her go for 3 weeks, and then if she wanted to stay there, they all wud move there of mumbai...
Kripa: thanx bahi, you're the best..
Kripa called Mandy, and they both screamed of joy..

Long did they know that kripa, a girl who didn't believe in love,and boy ~ girl friendship was going to eventually become friends with a boy and mandy, who is always sure that cool boys would never pay attention to her will atucally like Mandy..
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Posted: 2005-09-19T17:56:30Z
wow that was terriffic! I reall yloved it!! Its reminding me of ye meri life hai, i luved it!! please continue!! Clap Clap Clap
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