I met Emon yesterday!!

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Posted: 2008-04-20T11:53:14Z
I saw Emon yesterday! It's kind of sad as he couldn't tell me who wins ustadon ka ustaad but omg!!!! He is so amazing in real life. He is amazing!!! honestly amazing. He is nothing like I saw on tv. And he is so cute too.
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Posted: 2008-04-20T13:41:02Z
LOL Embarrassed
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Posted: 2008-04-20T13:47:40Z
oh wow lucky you Tongue
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Posted: 2008-04-20T22:22:19Z
Embarrassed I am still on cloud nine!! He is soooo sooo sooo sooo cute. Like aaaaahhh!! adorable. He is so confident on stage...I love his dancing..he is amazing. I always loved him but he is so much better on stage!! I never want to wash the clothes I wore yesterday as I hugged him with it.
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Posted: 2008-04-20T22:43:15Z
Wow, did you guys talk? Big smile If so what did you both say!!! DETAILS plz!!1 Big smile Big smile Big smile

Even I too think Emon is a cutie, like boy next door type cuteeee. Your so lucky to have gotten to hug him!!!
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Posted: 2008-04-20T23:39:55Z

well he was on the stage so I had to wait forever to meet him.(in the meantime I was so anxious and shaking I dropped my vid cam which had no charge anyways and messed it up. My dad kept calling me like 20 times and yelling how we are leaving.) No one was really allowed to meet him (it's not a concert and his security:tall scary guy is really strict beside he had his sis with him who looked even more strict. So while I was waiting for him I had a nice chat with Prashant. He is really nice. then after like 100 hours (stupid gadha performed every song like 3 times)he came backstage all sweaty and gross. We said hi and I said I was so mad at him. He looked confused and said why. I complained about how long he performed and how long I had to wait. He gave me his autograph..then my sis asked if she could get a hug. He hugged her. And then this guy (who got us in the backstage) came and said " oh you finally met him now you can be happy". Emon said thank you and we hugged. I asked him about ustadon ka ustaad, he said we will have to watch and see. And then we had to leave. (then i got yelled at by my parents...got my phone taken away)But in conclusion NOTHING could upset me. Emon honestly is so cute. I never imagined him to be so cute.
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Posted: 2008-04-21T06:49:06Z
congrats Clap Clap lolz LOL LOL
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Posted: 2008-04-21T07:00:39Z
i really feel sorry for emon but instead of Sumitra Emon should be in final or Where ever Javedji is there he want allow him to go ahead
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