trust u(fan fiction)

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Posted: 2005-09-18T05:49:16Z

tushar(T) & kashish r getting married. T gets visions of his & k's marriage. then he get his memory back & sees his photo with a garland on it.

t:no it is not true i am alive. u can't put a garland on my photo. k it is me ur sujal i am not dead i am alive plz believ me.

k:what r u saying. my sujal is dead. he died in front of me.

t: no i am not dead i am not lying 2 u.u ask me anything that only sujal could know about i will surely ans u. plz k trust me i am only ur sujal.

sujal's mom: t what r u saying? V burnt my sujal's body with my own hands. How can that b. u r lying. U don't even look like my sujal. U r just trying 2 take my sujal's place.

archita: aunty maybe he is telling the truth. Becoz this is not his real face. When he was brought 2 the hospital his face was badly damaged. We could not make out if this is his real face or not. So we had 2 do a plastic surgery 4 his face. I cant even tell u if this is his real face or not.

K: I know this is not my sujal. If u r my sujal tel me where did v 1st meet?

T: v met at our office where u had come 2 fight with me 4 firing ur father from job becoz of rishi.

K is surprised. So is every1 present there. Rishi cant believe his ears.

Vasu: u can get 2 know this from any1 in the house. U have been close 2 this 4 a very long time. Any1 could have told u that.

K: what did I tell sujal when talked the last time on phone?

T: that v will meet at our usual place. V had met there so that I could get u back home.

K(being very happy and excited): this is my sujal. My sujal.

V: this is all k's plan 2 get our money. She had always wanted our money. This cant be our sujal. He is dead this is their plan 2 get hold of our money.

Mom: vasu just be quiet my K will never do such a thing. She has lived 4 the happiness of this family only. How can u say such a thing? U have really lost ur mind. If my k believes that this is my sujal I will believe it. I trust her completely. This is my sujal.

Rishi: I agree with V. I don't trust K. she might have done this and forced T 2 do it as v all know how much T is mad about K.

K: Rishi how can u say such a thing. U know I cant lie about sujal.

Archita: Aunty I have an idea. This can be easily proved if this is sujal or not by doing a DNA test. V will come know that this is sujal or not.

K: thank u A.

T: I am ready 2 go through this. If it will prove my identity. But it is really sad that my people will not believe me but a DNA report.

R: we will c that after the report. If it is +ve no one will be more happy than me. But if the report comes –ve I swear that I will kill u and that k 4 trying 2 take my big B's place.

V: take my words the report will come –ve. They r just trying 2 get our money.

Mom: I know that u people will b proved wrong.

Mehek & Varun: v r with aunty. V trust k completely. She has never done anything wrong. And v will surely prove u wrong.

R: this test will not be conducted here and also no1 of u will know about it. I will take those samples and will get them done myself.

K& T: v agree. V know the result will be +ve.

R: v shall c.

Rishi then goes with the samples to Delhi.

In the mean time every1 in the house is tensed as to what will the report be.

K is very tensed. she is pacing the floor.

T: K what is the problem? Y r u pacing up and down like this?

K: u r asking me y r u pacing up and down. If something goes wrong with the report I will neverbe able 2 forgive myself.

T: u trust me?

K: yes. More than my life.

T: then y 2 worry. I am here now back with u. I will not let 2 go through any troubles now. I will now 1st face the troubles coming ur way. Don't worry. Just relax.

Then both of them hug each other.


At K's maternal home.

Charu: I never thought di could go so low. In order 2 get money and T both she is trying 2 use sujal jiju's name. Good v came 2 know hewr true colors in time otherwise she would have even destroyed us.

Mauli: how can u b sure that he is not jiju. May be di is right.

Charu: what's wrong with u. don't u remember what she has done with me? If di is right this time I will apologise 2 her and also forgive her 4 what she has done 2 me.

Mauli: may be then u will have 2 forgive her.


After a day he comes back. He has tears in his eyes. When T comes down he rushes 2 him and hugs him.

R: my big b is back. This is my big b. he is my big brother. I have missed u a lot thanks bro 4 coming back.

R cant stop crying. Every1 is happy in the house except for vasu. She cant believe R. she thinks that may be god is again against her.

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Posted: 2005-09-18T06:32:24Z
nice Smile Smile
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Posted: 2005-09-18T06:41:20Z
its ur imezinetion or u collect informetion from any sources? pls be clear kya yah sach hai?
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Posted: 2005-09-18T07:09:00Z
very nice...but my instict telling me this is wat going to happen in that krap called kth...i hope not...i don't want tushar to regain his memory...he is good as tushar not sujal
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Posted: 2005-09-18T07:21:17Z
lamba buhat hai main nay tu parha he nahin lakin phir bhi niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Embarrassed
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