“ Rishta Tute Naa ” - lastpart IV

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Hi friends,

No one can save u from my stories...LOL.. I come again with my another short story for my dear frineds here... looks r there r too many silent readers as well.. hope to get their comments some day.. Wink

" Rishta tuttle Na" is a sensitive story .. I wont say the end or the way its written is the best way.. but thats what i tried to show hope hapiness.... It deals with atypical problme after marriage which break the couple... how they deal with it.. with children involved.. The story is not anything new or different. it has just Bhoomi's touch and imagination and my way to portray each  side..Smile.

The story is written in a very simple language hope u like it and enjoy reading it.. its of very few parts... may be V or IV... exact i may not tell u so soon... hope u can bear that many parts.. atleast..Wink

My Lovely fantastic special friends Bini, Sara, San, Tannu, who have strongly stood with me thanks and love u soomuch.. ClapBig smile

My wonderful set of friens who have encouraged and brought me closer to theri frinedship.. my fabulous Vandu, sweet Jyothi, adorable Golu, pretty Monika, determined Rabia(suhanasafar), beautiful Khubu(seasplash), funfilled Sonali (sumitwadhwa), nice Juvz, amazing Nida... thanks for ur support and comments...ClapBig smile

Will post the first part soon... tc and Keep the positve vibes ..and smile .. always.. it helps and it heals.:))Smile



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" Rishta Tute Naa "


Part I

Abha & Suhas, their13yrs of married life. They have two kids Arya & Khushi. Both children were unaware that their parents were on verge of taking a divorce. Abha went to Canada with kids to be away from Suhas with an excuse of attending her niece wedding there.


Suhas knew its not going to be the same. He use to call up & talk to the kids. Somewhere though they were not on talking terms as husband & wife they always cared & knew every minute detail about each other. Missing each other's presence a lot.


Suhas getting up in the morning missed the sound of Abha's bangles while making Tea for him, which would be like an alarm for him to get up. Abha too missed his interference in every thing. His calls to know whether the grains were there or he need to buy. Asking about the kids whether they were troubling her. The way he pampered her with a new surprise every month. She could remember all the little things, but still there was some sadness, which would make her eyes, go wet. She would try not to think about him, which had pushed her to think even more. Both were missing each other. They were also feeling guilty & scared how their children may react if they come to know of this.



Abha came back from Canada after the marriage ceremonies. Suhas arrived to receive them; both the kids jumped all over him hugged him…

Arya: Papa…aap hamare sath hote to kitna maza ata.

Khushi: Papa, hum wahan bahut ghumey, bahut khela aur kitne gifts mile hain.

Both kissed him and didn't leave him & held his hands.

Abha was just watching. She was getting emotional looking at the love the kids have for their father. Suhas did realize, he was as happier seeing them as they were. When he looked at Abha then he realized his family wasn't as happy as it looks. He took the luggage; Arya helped them & Abha too. They put the luggage in the car & went off. The children sat in the backseat playing, singing…Abha was just too serious. She looked at Suhas, his collar, his clothes all well washed & iron and he wore them as she would tell him. He was always lazy & Abha would make a compulsion that he has to go out of the house perfectly dressed. But now she felt sad, she had imagined him to be in a messy condition. & that would make him miss her. She felt, "Suhas doesn't need me anymore for even any little thing." Suhas was looked at her. She seemed very serious and he felt, "May be she isn't happy to sit besides me."



They reached their house, which they named " Subha ". They entered; all the things were in the correct place. Suhas was putting the luggage in & helping the kids to unpack their stuff while Abha entered her territory, her kitchen. She was surprised all was just as she placed, even after 2 months everything looked the same. She thought may be Suhas is eating out, that made her worry about his health, "How many times have I told him, not to eat outside, his health must have suffered so much. He will not complaint about his health till it gets serious." She started making some snacks for all. Suhas entered, he looked at her, and he wanted to cry & hug her but was just standing looking at her. He was moved by the noise her bangles made, he had missed it, he suddenly felt he was actually now breathing. Abha looked back, she saw, him emotionally moved. Suhas just went back to his room.


The kids showed all the gifts, snaps of their trip. He noticed Abha wasn't looking her best in each snap. She had not experimented with her hair, which she did always at weddings. She was looking all lost. He felt bad & was feeling sad, how much pain Abha was going through…. but the kids were too excited & kept pulling him & screaming …Papa…Papa… dekho….


The night was just silent; both wanted to talk but silently moved on to the bed & slept with their heads not facing each other.



Couple of days passed, her lawyer informed Abha, about their meeting. She just postponed. She wanted to start hating Suhas but it wasn't happening. Suhas on the other hand, never wanted to divorce, he wanted to beg her for forgiveness but wasn't getting the courage because of his guilt.

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Confused Confused He had an affair didnt he Ouch
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this is my fav fic i just love it. after this fic want a longer fic pls.
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Originally posted by togepe30

Confused Confused He had an affair didnt he Ouch

tum to ekdam sahi line mey jaarahi ho.. i told u na this story isnt different just the screenplay is Bhoomi's style.. hope it still itersts u to read..


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Originally posted by golu_1677

this is my fav fic i just love it. after this fic want a longer fic pls.

Wow!! Golu .. i felt really happy to knwo that u just love this short story... I feel i found it tough to write the end.. i always felt like become feminist andclaming something in the end.. btu the realistic feel told me.. it has to go throguh like this..

ahha Am gogin to post my recent writing .. short story after this...which none have read.. but cant say longgg one... dont u all get bored of reading logn story... Wink

hmmm will see id something inspires me i will write again like Tumsey milkey ...  month dedicated story... but cant pormise u so soon.. dear...catch u soon.. tc


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Part II

Abha was sitting in the Drawing room, reading a novel. Kids were off to school. Suhas called up,

Suhas: Abha..how r u ?

Abha: hmmm

Suhas: I just wanted to tell u…

Abha: …………… (Suhas could just sense her breath)

Suhas: I m sorry….. (Abha had tears in her eyes..)

Suhas: mujhe maaf kardo. Plzz… I love u Abha. U & our kids mean the world to me.

Abha: U took away my world from me.

She cried and broke down… (She kept the receiver down)


She remembered the day when hell broke loose on her…

It was Sunday morning & the kids had gone out for a match. How Suhas had told her, he needs to talk something very imp.

Suhas: Abha…I have to tell u something (his eyes had no courage to face to her)

Abha: What happen? Why r u so tensed?

Suhas: I had hid from u certain facts.. (Pressing his forehead with his hands)

Abha: What? Is it about ur health? Tell me…don't hide.

Suhas: No, I made a mistake….

Abha: What? (she started understanding …)(Suhas made her sit & then sat near her)

Suhas: on my Mauritius tour, I met a female, her name is Zoyna. (Abha heard looking at him, she knew what was coming her way...)

Suhas: I made a mistake, I was drunk & She was so attractive, the whole atmosphere. She made few moves as she was a loner & just one night I went wrong. I am sorry. I cheated ur trust..

(Abha had tears in her eyes but she kept asking looking at him) 

Abha: U love her?

Suhas: No, bas ek pal ki kamjori.(his eyes looking down with shame) Just a mere mistake. We had no emotional intemacy . It was a night just we went with the flow and didn't realise the blunder .

Abha: Mauritus trip was long back, why r u telling me now, or should I ask why didn't u tell me then?

Suhas: I love u & kids the most. I don't want to loose u. I thought as that female too gone away & their wasn't any love then why tell u. I was afraid I would loose u. (He was getting tensed)

Abha: So why r u telling me now? (Somewhere she wished why he told her, now she can't take it)

Suhas: I just got to know she's pregnant with my child.

(Abha looked at him with anger…)Abha was feeling uneasy now, she couldn't take this. She stood up.Suhas realized she was hurt to a large extent.

Suhas: I know I have to pay for my mistake. (He had tears in his eyes which had gone red) She told me, she wants this child. She will live as a single parent but just wanted to inform. She doesn't need anything from me.

Abha: What u want from me now? (Crying loudly….her voice was choked) she kept wiping her tears which were uncontrollable.

Suhas: Forgiveness! I wanted to tell u this. I want to be honest as now a new life is in this world. Whatever happened I have an equal responsibility & I felt suffocated not telling u this. I had to.

Abha: Get out! (She slipped pushing him….Suhas tried to help her…he touched her.) Don't u dare touch me. I feel impure. Go away…& she sat down…

Suhas went away..Abha closed the door. She yelled screamed cried ….but that just couldn't change her fate.



Abha came back to present. Her eyes still had that sadness & she felt emotional within. She kept the novel down, Walked towards the backyard. Looking at the garden, the plants, the flowers…

Abha(in her mind): Should I divorce him. What will happen to our children? They aren't so small not to understand these things. But even living together is difficult. Living without him isn't easy as well. Every minute I just kept thinking about him. How much I loved him and I still do…but he forgot me & brought this havoc in our lives. He cheated me… (She wept like a baby, it had been long she had hide her tears due to her children)


Soon the bell rang & their family friends Mr Manav & Mrs Radha Gupta came in. Abha was very happy & pleased to see them. She brought Tea & biscuit. Radha had helped Abha during her delivery & always felt very close to her. Abha knew Manav is a close friend of Suhas, surely Suhas must have confided to him about their divorce which is due to happen. They chatted about Canada & Soon the topic came up.

Manav: U missed Suhas?

Abha didn't answer & just showed anger hearing his name.

Radha: U r giving him divorce?

Abha: Why I shouldn't u think? (With a harsh tone)

Manav: No Abha, its ur life & u both know well what's good for u & ur kids. Its just that we r worried for both of u.

Radha: I just wanted to tell u that Suhas really loves u a lot. These two months I have seen him really go through very difficult times.

(Abha just calmed & as if she wanted to know what had happened in her absence.)

Abha: (with a certain hesitation) where did he eat food? It doesn't look as if he made anything at home.

Radha: He use to eat at home, I told him to come at our place but he didn't listen. He did ask me how u manage ur kitchen.

Abha: He made food himself? He has lost so much weight. Don't know what he made & what he ate. Why didn't he eat outside?

Manav: He told me, he doesn't want to do anything now which u don't like. He doesn't want to do even a single mistake. Wants to be as u like him to be.(Abha had tears & she broke down.)

Abha: what's the use now? After sleeping with another woman, even a child out of that! I hate him.  (She looked at Manav & Radha. They had their heads down….

Abha: Sorry, what to do, u know it's difficult for me. It isn't a small thing. If I had done this would he have forgiven me?

Manav: I know so many men who r cheating on their wife's & many r hiding. Even there r many who want to run away from their responsibility at both ends. Suhas isn't among them. He did a mistake, a big mistake, but he admits he was wrong. He could just hide the things; the women hadn't asked him anything in return. It was him who felt should share the responsibility as he blames himself equally. He honestly told u.

He loves only u ….without u & children I just cant imagine what condition he will be in. Ask the office staff, he has become so much silent these days. He is trying his best to look & do things as u like, but if u left him, his world will end.

Abha: Ok, I got it!! Just because he was honest & admitted his mistake, I should also accept him. Why? Now he says he loves me, the women may come again with the kid then he will say he has to fulfill those responsibilities as well. I can't share my husband any day. Now my children & me will also have to face all such Q's once the society gets to know about it. Just because he made a mistake out of having fun, we should suffer our whole life. I can't! I am a normal human being. I cant...(she cries, Manav & Radha console her)


At the door, Suhas is listening to their conversation. Manav looks at him, Suhas just walks away. Manav goes to talk to him.


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Cry Cry Cry I agree...Divorce him ! Angry
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