Summer romance-fanfic 4 ur fav jodies

Posted: 2005-09-11T13:41:32Z
I had sent this story 2 other forums too.   PART-1...   Nakul is unemployed,his business he goes to
                          another place.he sees a man lying on the road after an
                          accident.blood was bleeding.nakul takes him 2 the
                          hospital,gives him blood.he gets saved.that person was
                          very happy 2 see nakul who saved him.he:i don't no how to
                          thank u.its bcoz of u,i'm alive now.can i no ur name?
                          N:its ok.I'm nakul. tht person tells:i'm kshitij. they
                          become friends within a short period.they share
                          everything.nakul tells him his problems.kshitij tells that
                          he is an orphan who was adopted by a rich man named
                          aryaman.he died & all his wealth is in kshitij's name.he is
                          the owner of the oberoi estate.he tells nakul 2 stay with
                          him & help him in all the estate matters. nakul does
                          that.but he he writes to his parents that he is
                          succesful here,he is the owner of the oberoi estate.kshitij
                          does'nt mind that. 1 day nakul gets a pomaranian dog as
                          well as cassette by post.there was a letter tied to the
                          dog's leg.he reads it:i luv u nakul.but i can't reveal my
                          name now.but i'm 1 among the daughters of Mr.Indar. nakul
                          puts on the tape recorder with the cassette inside.a
                          luvely romantic ong sung by that girl comes. Mr.inder is
                          nakul's dad's best friend.he is very close 2 him.they r
                          like 1 family.he has 3 daughters.nakul thinks that if he
                          marries inder's daughter he'll get her wealth & can
                          become rich.he tells kshitij about this.later a letter
                          comes that nakul's grandparents r coming there with
                          inder's daughters during the summer vacation.yug was
                          shocked fearing that his drama will be broken.but kshitij
                          told him that he'll act as his assistant b4 them & yug
                          can act as the real owner of the estate.nakul hugs
                          him:kshitij,u r my real friend.

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Posted: 2005-09-11T18:24:52Z
hey i luv it!its a gr8 story!i luv kshitij!
plz continue
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Posted: 2005-09-11T22:52:15Z
plz continue ur kumud and kshitij one what happened 2 dat?
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Posted: 2005-09-12T07:27:46Z
Thay is good...Plz continue it. I'll definately read it. Tongue
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Posted: 2005-09-12T07:58:12Z
Part-2....nakul's grandparents & the 2 daughters of inder
                          come.nakul continues his drama there.inder's
                          daughters-tASHU the youngest is very fashionable.the 2nd
                          one kali is very studious,wears glasses.nakul decides to
                          test if any1 among them is the girl who luves him.4 that
                          kshitij gives him an idea 2 send the dog there.the 1 who
                          pampers the dog most will be that person.nakul sends the
                          dog.but both the girls equally pampers it.he gets
                          confused.N:inder uncle's eldest daughter kumud has to
                          come no.she is the most mischievous one.very naughty.but
                          she is the cutest pet of every1.she is supposed 2 the
                          luck of their family. kali& tashu discuss about
                          kumud.tashu:why she is not interested 2 come here?
                          kali:thats what i'm also doubting.she is a person who
                          luves fun.but then also...T:within a short period
                          she has changed a lot.K:thats true. a ph call comes
                          4 tashu.after the call she jumpes with joy:kali
                          didi,kumud didi is coming..K:really?so nice..this
                          summer will be superb.nakul& kshitij go 2 the railway
                          station 2 pick up kumud.kumud was very dull.not at all
                          cheerful.nakul was shocked.kshitij in his mind:what did nakul
                          tell about kumud ?she is so reserved.yug is mistaken.
                          yug tells kumud:kumud,u r going 2 hav fun here. she:i
                          don;t think so.i was not interested 2 come here.but my
                          parents r not giving me peace of mind.they compelled me
                          2 come here. nakul was shocked.he:u r so serious?how did u
                          change? she:a person cannot be the same always. they
                          reach the house.kumud goes inside. kshi:nakul,kumudis
                          not a person like u told. N:kshitij,i can't believe her
                          change.every1 was thrilled 2 recieve kumud.but she was
                          not interested.tasu:kumud didi,we r planning a party 2
                          welcome u. kumud:nonsense.useless.i hate parties.
                          tashu:what?u used 2 make the parties really funny.
                          kumud did'nt mind her.she goes 2 her room & weeps.tashu
                          & kali come.they get irritated seeing her behavuor.they
                          ask why she is giving them pain.suddenly kumud laughs:u
                          fools!2day is fool's day.i wanted to make this day
                          grand.i started preparing 4 that at our home.thats why i
                          was behaving like this. kali & tashu:u naughty girl!they
                          all laugh.they dance in the room 4 joy.

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Posted: 2005-09-13T01:09:43Z
PART-3..Kumud goes on with her mischievous
                                                      advises her.kumud becomes
                          angry:who r u to advise me?u
                                                      don't no even who ur parents
                          r. kshitij's heart was torn
                                                      by her words.a musical contest
                                                      place.kumud,kali, tashu&
                          all take place.but kshitij won
                                                      the 1st prize.kumud becomes
                          angry & jealous 4 that.she
                                                      tells her sisters:he might've
                          given the judges money 4
                                                      the prize. kali:i don't
                          think so,he is the better
                                                      singer.tashu:ya,he rocked.
                          kumud becomes irritated. A
                                                      glamorous girl named
                          kamolika{KZK} comes 2 see
                                                      kshitij.she has studied with
                          kshitij.she is after
                                                      him.Kshi:i told u no that i
                          can't see u in a diff
                                                      way.plz leave me alone.
                          she:no,kshitij,i can't. she hugs
                                                      him tightly. he:leave me,plz
                          stop it. hearing the
                                                      footsteps of kumud,kamolika
                          pretends 2 be innocent &
                                                      cries:leave me alone
                          angad.don't try 2 exploit me.i'm
                                                      from a nice family.i can't do
                          a sin. kumud was shocked.
                                                      kshi:kumud,i did'nt do
                          anything.its she
                                                      who....ku:stop it.i knew that
                          u r cheap.but u r so
                                                      dirty than i expected. nakul
                          comes:what's the matter?
                                                      kumud tells him everything.
                          kshitij weeps:nakul,i did'nt
                                                      do anything like that. N:i
                          no,i trust u
                                                      kshitij.ku:nakul,he is fooling
                          u.don't bileev ur
                                                      assistant. nakul
                          shouts:kumud,hold ur tongue.u can't tell
                                                      rubbish about kshitij.what do u
                          no bout him?actually we
                                                      were playin a drama.kshitij is
                          the real owner of this
                                                      estate.i'm only his assistant.
                          kumud cud'nt believe
                                                      it.nakul shouts at kamolika &
                          slaps her:tell the
                                                      truth,otherwise i'll tear ur
                          mask b4 every1 in this
                                                      world. kamolika cries:i'm
                          sorry nakul.plz don't do
                                                      that.kshitij is innocent.i was
                          the 1 who did the wrong
                                                      thing. N:did u hear kumud?
                          kumud bent her head. her
                                                      eyes rose :i'm sorry kshitij.
                          kshitij smiles:its ok
                                                      kumud. he extends his arm:can
                          u become my friend?
                                                      she smiles.she holds his
                          arm:sure. kshitij's friend
                                                      Sohan comes from abroad.
                          there was a party. full of dance
                                                      & music.sohan-nakul were
                          dancing with tashu-
                                                      kali.kumud was sitting
                          alone.kshitij comes near
                                                      her:why,u r not dancing?
                          ku:no,kshitij.i'm not
                                                      interested. he:a smart girl
                          like u don't like
                                                      it?unbelievable.i no why u r
                          not dancing.u don't hav a
                                                      partner 2 dance with.thats
                          why,right? she smiles.
                                                      kshi:kumud,can u dance with me?
                          she:ok. they dance
                                                      2gether.kshitij was having a
                          special feeling.he
                                                      understands that he has
                          started luving her.
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Posted: 2005-09-13T07:22:42Z
keep this good work.Clap Post next part soon.
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