Something About Nirmal Pandey-our Bhujang

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Posted: 14 years ago

Most of you must Knw that Nirmal Pandey, who is playing the VIllain BHUJANG in Raajkumar aaryyan,and has palyed the vilain dajjar in SAgar Production HAtim, is in fact a versatile actor,art critic, film director

The famous internet actors database, i***.com, create his profile as follows

A male actor who holds a unique record for winning a best 'actress' award for his portrayal of a transvestite in Daayraa (1996). He shared the Best Actress award with the female lead of the film Sonali Kulkarni at the Valenciennes Film Festival (France, 1997).


Posted: 14 years ago

a chat transcript of NIRmal panday as a chat interview with India times

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Actor, Nirmal Pandey at 12 noon on Wednesday, January 16, 2004 in Mumbai

Nirmal Pandey

"I'm going to direct a film based on migration of people from small town to a bigger city, and also releasing my own music album based on Sufism."

Magic > Hi Nirmal, good to see you online! Tell me, why is it that a serious actor like you is swinging between commercial cinema and parallel cinema?
Nirmal Pandey > I am doing a lot of films right now and I have become choosy about the films I take up because I don't want to do the regular kind of roles.

Jfagf > How can you apply your parallel cinema acting skills to lure audience of commercial cinema? Is it possible?
Nirmal Pandey > Not possible because commercial cinema set is totally different. There is a typical kind of dialogues, attitude, style etc. I want to do parallel cinema because one can use imagination, creativity in (the craft of) acting.

Rontu > Heard you are directing a movie. What happened to it? Tell us about it please.
Nirmal Pandey > Yes, I am directing a movie. I will start directing in the month of May, this year. The film is based on migration from a small town to a big town. And how people feel when they leave their own place, culture etc.

Soha > What happened to your singing aspirations? You had come out with an album also. Why didn't it do well? Is it because listeners are hooked to remixes and item numbers these days?
Nirmal Pandey > People appreciated my album and my singing. I really don't know why it didn't do well. It happens. I am planning to come out with another album. It will be based on Sufism.

Kali > Was the film Bandit Queen a turning point in your life? How did Shekhar Kapoor discover you and then offered you the role?
Nirmal Pandey > Yes, it was a turning point for me. I was in the National School of Drama at that time and Shekhar was aware of my acting capability. So he took me in the film. He used to come to the National School to watch the plays there. My friend, Himanshu Dhulia was also a batch mate and he was the casting director for Bandit Queen .

Jigs > Nirmal, are you comfortable with nudity on screen? You may take it like an artistic expression, but what about the audience who watch you? Do they also sincerely believe it's just an art and not titillation?
Nirmal Pandey > No, I don't like the concept of nudity. People use nudity (in films) so that their movies can sell, but it's wrong.

Best67 > Are you doing any TV serials? What is your opinion about the current TV serials like family drama on air these days? Aren't some of them jaded?
Nirmal Pandey > Yeah, I am doing a few TV serials. I am doing Ada, Kkavyanjali, Devi . My opinion is that TV is very popular, but now the phase of family drama serials is over.

Kish > Since your first movie was certified as 'A' , most of the public couldn't watch your acting talent. But many critics appreciated your role. How do you feel when your acting talent was (made) available to (be watched) only by a few people because of 'A' certificate to your very first movie??
Nirmal Pandey > The most important thing for me is the film I am doing. Whether it is 'Adult' or not. As long a the film is aesthetically good, I am fine with it.

Rani > Which is your favourite place in the world and why? Would you like to live there after you retire from work?
Nirmal Pandey > My favourite place is Ireland because it's very beautiful. I like the hilly kind of atmosphere and the people are so good. Yes, I would love to live there.

Lili > Why don't we seen you in films more often? And why are you doing just side roles?
Nirmal Pandey > I am happy with what I am doing. You will see me (in films) soon.

Ranjita > How was it to work with Shekhar Kapoor at such an early stage of your career?
Nirmal Pandey > It was beautiful working with him. He is a wonderful director and a good human being.

Ela > What do you do in your free time?
Nirmal Pandey > Paintings, hanging around.

Kish > Are you a very serious kind of personality in real life?
Nirmal Pandey > Not much. You could say I am serious and humourous.

Dwarf > Your wife is a Muslim and you are a Hindu. How have you two and your families adjusted to this cross-regional difference, especially in a marriage?
Nirmal Pandey > It's not a problem at all. We have adjusted well and (we) are very happy.

Sign Off Message > Thank you for logging on. Love, Nirmal.

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Posted: 14 years ago

To be ideologically and aesthetically impartial, I evaluate art on the scale of utility and quality rather than quantity," opines the celebrated film actor and thespian Nirmal Pandey, who won the Cannes Film Festival award for his film 'Daayre'. The versatile actor had earlier shot into prominence for playing a bold dacoit in Shekhar Kapur's classic 'The Bandit Queen' which also credited him to be the first Bollywood actor to participate in the prestigious Cannes, the Mecca of the world cinema.
Pandey, a veteran of over 50 feature films, said, "Cannes is every actor's dream and its memory always rejuvenated and inspired me to promote meaningful art films and serials." Pandey hopes to maintain the tradition of excellence in his forthcoming ventures like 'Chhatis Ghante, Prabhu Ke Gun Gao, Lahore and TV serials like Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Gulbano and the latest Sultan-Ul-Qaum.


courtesy The Chandigarh tribune,may2007 

Nirmal  is not a part of Cast of Prithviraj Chauhan now-Tan

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Posted: 14 years ago

short Biography

Born and brought up at Nainital, in the cradle of nature, Pandey completed his master's in economics after doing B.Com and served the State Bank of India for two years. Gifted with myriad talents, Pandey had staged over 100 plays before joining the National School of Drama and toured the world for three years with Tara Arts to stage plays, including 'Heer Ranjha'. The legend and my role in 'Train to Pakistan' gave me glimpse of rich Punjabi heritage which inspired me to play the challenging role in the historical serial depicting the valour of martial Sikh misls, says Pandey, known for his gun-wielding role of a dacoit in the film The Bandit Queen. Theatre is still his first love and he imparts training to actors at seven centres in India.

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Posted: 14 years ago
some of his films include, train to pakistan, godmotehr apart from the evry famous BAndit queen
Posted: 14 years ago
Ohh...didn't know a single thing abt him..Thnx for letting us know! Big smile
Posted: 14 years ago
yup, though is used playing heroes puchbag in television, he is infact a versatile guy
Posted: 14 years ago
but i dont like him at all
but he's a good actor

Nirmal Pandey

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