Fanfiction. From Shamit's eyes.

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******* This fan fiction has been greatly inspired by Rashmi's awesome work. I know I am not a writer so Don't be mean :o)


He was standing on the stage along with Qazi and Monica – the two undeserving singers of Fame Gurukul. He glanced at Qazi, who had improved at an alarming rate.

 "He is improving but surely his nine weeks of hardwork can't be compared to my years of struggle."

Padhai mein man lagao, gaane vane se kuchh nahin hoga. Engineer banna hai ki nahin?

He could hear his mother's voice echoing in the depths of his heart. He remembered the days when he used to sneak up to the terrace and practice his singing so as to not upset his mother. He had always wanted to be a singer but gave up the dream when his elder expired. Opting singing as a career was a big risk, a risk that he couldn't afford to take. Attending the calls in the night, he cursed himself for working in a call center. That was not where he was meant to be. He was getting a monthly salary, they needed money, he reminded himself. Guilt engulfed him, he got back to his work. However, he continued his classical training. During his riyaaz he could hear his mother weeping, he knew of her inner turmoil. No mother would want her child's dream to be shattered and crumbled to dust.

Qazi was everything he was not. Qazi was popular, he was loved. On the other hand, Shamit was hated, called a manipulator. He winced with pain.

Shamit! Main yahan se jaana nahin chahti thi… tumne mujhe vote kyun nahin kiya?

Though Chhavi never actually told him so, he could read her eyes. He had seen his mother cry, his sister cry, his girlfriend cry… and now he had to see Chhavi, his friend cry. That was so unfair! No one deserved to cry. So the next time, he got a chance to vote, he voted for Gurpreet. I know she was not that good, but she deserves one vote. Kirti is going to win, anyways. If my one vote can make her feel better, so let it be. Shamit didn't know that it was at that moment that he had killed his every possibility to be the fame jodi. Everyone seemed to have turned against him. The judges, the faculty and most importantly  – the Indian public. He knew that he had commited a serious mistake as he himself was devastated at the outcome of the votes, but couldn't he be forgiven? He was driven by emotions, for a split second he was disillusioned but was that such a big crime? He remembered the way Javedji had insulted him. He was ashamed of himself for not bottling up his emotions. Why the hell had he cried the next day?? How would he convince the public that he was not acting?

No. He would never come back by public vote. He shrugged off the bleak possibility. He turned his gaze towards Monica.

Can she really win by contestant votes?

Shamit Bhaiyya! I know what I am doing!! I don't need any more of your advice!

He shuddered at the very thought of his fight with Arijit the day before. It was not that he disliked Monica but he could sense something fishy going around between Arijit and her. Arijit had a girlfriend. Was Monica just a passing fancy to Arijit? No, he needed to talk to him. He knew what it felt like to be in love, he smiled as he remembered Sumana's smiling face. In seven years, he had not given a thought to any other girl. So was Arijit actually in love? Shamit initiated the conversation but it went from bad to worse. He was shocked at the way Arijit had shouted at him. Shamit was hurt but he knew that this fight would never ruin the special bonding he had with Arijit.

Qazi liked Monica, it was so clear. He would vote for Monica too. Sandeep would also vote for Monica. He closed his eyes, he was thinking way too much. Everything would be just fine. Arijit would vote for him, he was sure.

As expected Qazi came in by public votes. Shamit clapped as there was nothing else to do. He had to accept the fact that the public didn't like him. He hated being voted in by his friends.

Arijit voted for Monica. Why?? How?? What went wrong?? Shamit gasped, this was not expected from his kid brother. How could Monica find a bigger place in Arijit's heart within a week? He cried from within. Rooprekha voted for Shamit. He thanked her. Qazi, voted for Monica. Arpita voted for him, he smiled at her. She had always been faithful. Sandeep voted for Monica and Rex voted for him. For the first time, Fame Gurukul needed a tiebreaker.

Arijit was called in again. Shamit felt numb, somehow he knew that Arijit would vote against him. But he still dared to hope. Arijit voted for Monica. This was the end. Shamit remembered the Arijit he knew.

We will do anything to be the fame jodi, huh? Shamit bhaiyya??

I will give both of my votes to him.

He heard Mandira announcing his farewell. He knew that Mandira was elated, the judges were happy and the public was the happiest.

He deserved that.

After what he did to Kirti, this was expected.

Shamit bled from inside. He didn't desrve such treatment.

He had lost his father, his brother and now Arijit.

He looked at the public, the public that had applauded Arijit for voting against him. He looked at Javedji, who never failed to discourage him. Shamit knew what he wanted. It was never too late. He had to win their hearts, though it was next to impossible and he had miles to go ahead, he would do it. He knew he had tripped again. This was just a pebble on his way. He remembered the saying :

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes us to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find that you have crossed the mountain.

(Source Unknown)
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OMG, that is beautiful. I'm nearly in tears. That really touched me heart.
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Posted: 2005-09-11T05:16:06Z
You made my day! Embarrassed Thank you Hug
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Posted: 2005-09-11T05:44:16Z
really very touchy...
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Posted: 2005-09-11T05:45:47Z

Originally posted by Swastika

You made my day! Embarrassed Thank you Hug


Dear it was just fantastic. Clap


But you know what "tasveer ke do rukh hotey hian" . Wht If he was a serious manipulator and was shedding crocodile tears when he woted out Kirti?"


God knows better! Big smile


But again you've done a great job . three cheers to you Smile





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Posted: 2005-09-11T05:50:29Z
Big smile Sam its a fan fic. A fan always sees good things in his/her idol. Yea Swastika u have done a great job. Clap
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Posted: 2005-09-11T06:03:05Z
I know that Madhu but I was just thinking that the one must mention evens and odds!

Big smile

Madhu di, I want you to write fanfiction in benglai pls. pls... LOL
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Posted: 2005-09-11T06:03:21Z
Originally posted by sam.bukshi

Originally posted by Swastika

You made my day! Embarrassed Thank you Hug


Dear it was just fantastic. Clap


But you know what "tasveer ke do rukh hotey hian" . Wht If he was a serious manipulator and was shedding crocodile tears when he woted out Kirti?"


God knows better! Big smile


But again you've done a great job . three cheers to you Smile





I knowLOL I was even going to add that Arpita had feelings for Shamit but I decided against itLOL. Had to add that Arijit-Monica thing. THANK YOU Hug
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