Story: Ishq To Hai Hawaaon Ka Jhonka ...

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Hi everybody!

I didn't really have much to do, so I tried to write a fanfic. I don't know if it's any good, so please leave your comments. Part 11Embarrassed


Love is just a passing breeze ...

'Love is just a passing breeze' is the story of a girl that challenges the world and confronts the past. A girl that loves life and hates it at the same time. The story of a girl who has to carry problems and responsibilities that are heavier then her fragile small shoulders can hold. The story of a girl that cries and laugh, falls down and gets up being even stronger to face reality. The story of Kripa ...

Part 1

Lost in the darkness of sorrow without hope to find a sparkle of light, she is thinking of the beautiful days that are gone forever. Thinking of the joyful moments which she will never forget. Thinking about the one who destroyed her life and made her miserable. Thinking of revenge! 'Miss Sharma! I asked you a question! Please try to pay some attention or at least try to pretend you are!' As struck by lightning Kripa wakes up from her thoughts and comes back to earth, to the conference room where 10 pair of eyes are starring at her. Waiting for a response. She looks in the angry eyes of mr. Bose and gives him a sparkling smile. 'I'm really sorry sir, I promise it won't happen again. What was the question?' Mr. Bose tries his utmost best not to give in to the beautiful smile of Kripa, but as always he fails. 'Come on sir, please. I already said sorry.' 'Alright Kripa, you are forgiven this time, but next time it's right back to the archive room. Get that!' Kripa knows her boss can't stay angry with her for too long. She winks at him, confirming that she got his so called threat and by that making her fellow female colleagues see green with envy. 'As I was saying miss Sharma, we all gathered here for our new project. As our newspaper is doing very well, we came up with the idea to start our own magazine. This magazine will be all about stars, music, movies and stuff like that. As there will be much competition and we want our magazine to do just as well as our newspaper, I want each and every one of you to work his butt off to ensure the success we pursuit. That's why everyone of you got the instruction to think about his contribution to the magazine and present his plans during this conference. While you, miss Sharma, were dreaming about John Abraham, your dearest colleagues presented their plans. So now if you could please be kind enough to come forward and present your plan, we will be able to get at home for dinner in time.' Kripa's colleagues giggle and she can feel her cheeks turning red. She gives Prithvi an angry look and he gives her a naughty smile in return. 'Ahum ... well dear mr. Bose and colleagues. My project for the magazine is Angad Khanna.' All of the sudden everybody falls still. Dropping the name of Angad Khanna seems to impress everyone in the conference room. 'As you all know ... Angad is right now the most popular rockstar of the country. His albums and concerts do very well. He has millions of fans and seems to be the perfect son of a rich family. I repeat "seems", because nobody knows how Angad really is and that's what I want to find out and present to all his fans. I want to show them the real Angad. You all might be thinking right now how I'm planning to do that. Well, as you might know, the Khanna's own the Soul Music Academy. I will apply to the Academy as a student and as a undercover student I'll build up a friendship between me and Aaliyah, Angad's younger sister. Through her I will get all the information I need.' Kripa takes a short break and looks through the conference room. She can't help noticing the cunning eyes of Anita and waits for her to shoot one of her well known poisoned questions. 'Kripa?' The sharp voice of Anita brings an end to the peaceful silence in the room. Kripa sighs, rolls her eyes and looks at Anita. 'Yes Anita?' 'Kripa ... I was wondering how you, a girl from a THE VILLAGE, that has been in Mumbai for just one year, working for this newspaper and in this one year promoted from archive girl to journalist. I don't know how THAT could happen. But anyways, how a girl like YOU can get admission to the Soul Music Academy.' Kripa has almost reached her boiling point, but stays calm for the sake of Prithvi. 'Thank you Anita for telling me my biography, but just for your information. I can play the piano very well and my voice isn't that bad either. So instead of concerning about my admission, I would suggest you would pay more attention to your own project. Thank you. Are there any other questions?' Kripa smiles full confident to all her colleagues. 'There seems to be no questions anymore miss Sharma. I think your project is very nice and I wish you the best of luck.' Prithvi winks at Kripa and addresses the rest of his employees. 'Now that I've heard all the projects I have to say that I have full confidence in you guys to make this magazine a huge success. I expect you guys to work hard and sincerely. I wish you all good luck! The next meeting will be in a months time. In the mean time, every one of you should keep me up to date about his project. If there are no questions I hereby close this meeting. '.


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Part 2 Part 3

Part 4 Part 5

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Part 8 Part 9

Part 10 Part 11


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aaaw..Amani..first of all..welcome to IF..hope u enjoy ur stay..!!

Very nice part..pllz continue soon..!! Big smile Big smile Wink

TakE Care..LuuvYaa muccchh!!
HugHugggiiees from YummY!
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Posted: 2005-09-10T14:24:58Z
that was awesome plz continue.
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very nice, plz continue soon...and also a big welcome to IF!!!u will love it here Wink
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Posted: 2005-09-10T16:27:54Z
that was nice...cont soon
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Posted: 2005-09-11T05:44:42Z
Thank you everybody for your nice comments! WinkI'll post the next part asap!Smile
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Posted: 2005-09-11T05:55:43Z
amani darling welcome with ur blast.........lovely plzz continue.........
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Clap Clap Clap awsum
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