"Advika-Unique"(LastPart V)Above18yr plzz

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Hi friends,

I was in two minds whether to post this story or not. It needs a matured mind to understnad or go throguh reading.. it isnt provocative or very harsh in tone nor any cheap words or sentence.. but still it has an issue and the way th elead decides on it. This forum has young readers aged 8 someone told...now how can i make it sure that this story is suitable for an 8 yr old... parental guidance on net is not possibel as well... so i hope people above 18 may read it..

About this story its simple in its own way , the leads and their life its reveolve around an issue and how an indivudal tackles it with his/ her way and not with how society want her to do....

Many here after reading the story may not agree ... but its just my small try to brign out that what one goes thorugh the person can only know and how one wants to brign justice is to his / her way...

So i will post the first part soon... but this time am scared  whetehr my readers will like this or not.... hope i dont disappointe them...

Thanks to my lovely friends Bini, Sara, San, Tannu for theri support through out...

Special thanks to Rabia (Suhanasafar)Golu, Jyothi, Vandana, Seasplash, Monikaseth,Junz, Nida my wonderful readers who have encouraged me so much.. My stay in this FF section is for u....

All my silent readers thanks for reading it and hope ur r enjoyign Smile


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hey, I'm a regular reader too, but you forgot me. Cry

Anyway, looking forward to the story...I've loved the ones I've read so far!
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Posted: 2008-03-02T23:57:06Z

Originally posted by SuhanaSafar

hey, I'm a regular reader too, but you forgot me. Cry

Anyway, looking forward to the story...I've loved the ones I've read so far!

CryCryCry haiii maine yeh kya kiyaa... apni Rabia ke ankhon mey asuuu diya.. CryCryCry opps i missed it i guess.... but quickly will edit and rectifyBig smile...  I am still scared pata nahi tum sab yeh story ke liye mere kitne kaan khichogeyOuch

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"Advika - Unique"

Part I
Huge exhibition is held all the latest Software companies have kept their stalls. Standing at one of the stall for his Company is Nirmit Kataria.
Nirmit: She is such a confident & lovely looking lady. So adorable and caring. I can sense something very nice about her. (Looking at a woman who's handling the opposite stall.)
Nirmit couldn't take eyes of her, the way she was explaining very confidently Software of animation & graphics. Her voice was strong n her way of interaction very pleasant. Her face had sharp features though she wasn't very fair. Her smile would bring that slight dimple across her cheeks. Nirmit in this one week of exhibition would have a glimpse of her in every five minutes.
Nirmit: I really like her. I wish I would be married to such a girl. But is she single?
Nirmit would hesitate to talk to her. They would just smile at each other.  The lady looked in her late twenties. The exhibition was over and all went their ways. Nirmit would be sleepless thinking about her for weeks.
Life is routine, nothing at all seemed has changed,
But after meeting u, looks like I myself have changed,
Missing you as if u r my life's important part,
In just a matter of one week u have taken my heart.
After a month Nirmit met the same lady at a party. She was anchoring it, celebrating the merger of two big companies. Nirmit was so happy to see her. He was smiling looking at her as she was talking over the mike on stage. Nirmit's colleague & dear friend, 'Parthav' shook him & asked,
Parthav: Nirmit what happen? U too falling for that lady. Iss aurat ke chakkar mey kabhi nahi fasna.
Nirmit was silent n speechless by his words. He knew his friend was serious about what he said.
Nirmit: Kyun? But yaar,…..Do u know her? Tell me about her plzz…
Parthav: She is "Advika Joshi" She was married to a Rich business man Avinash Sahu. She married him, filed for divorce soon.
Nirmit: Divorcing someone isn't reason enough to be wrong or bad by character.
Parthav: I know that but can u believe she married him just for money. Within a week she filed for divorce. The court gave 1 year time for them to think over. Within that one year she gave birth to their child, She took over the child's custody n took half of his property in alimony.
Nirmit was shocked, the positive vibes when she was around now seemed all fake n made up to attract people. He felt extreme guilty of liking this female so much. Nirmit in his college days loved a female named "Mugdha" but as she wanted to pursue a career abroad she broke off with him & settled there with a foreigner. Nirmit after that breakup never thought about getting hitched with anyone. There was something about Advika that made him to think about falling in love again. Now he was disappointed that why can't he judge the real face of people.
Love is what? May be, I really don't know,
It wasn't ur face which attracted me but ur soul,
I thought in those eyes was determination & cheerfulness,
A sensitive heart and ur personality had so much kindness.
In the party, Advika saw Nirmit, she came forward and said,
Advika: Hi, remember me, we were in the exhibition just a month ago. (She had a broad smile on her face.)
Nirmit showed how angry he was through his eyes and said," Excuse me for a minute." and left. Advika was shocked by his behavior. She could sense he had changed completely this time. After a while there was a press meet, Advika had only 1seat besides Nirmit, she went and sat. Nirmit couldn't control his emotions and got up and left the party. Advika could understand something was wrong with this guy.
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Posted: 2008-03-03T00:27:03Z
Smile Smile Smile hey dont worry bhoomi now i am addict for your writing please conti love monika Clap
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Posted: 2008-03-03T00:29:48Z
yuppie a new story LOL LOL LOL
i just completed ur other one tumse milke and i got the new one to read LOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 2008-03-03T02:33:02Z
hey i am above 18 toh main toh pakka reader and it definetly seems interesting cont soon
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Posted: 2008-03-03T02:50:20Z
Clap nice story.........continue soon......interested to know about advika Smile
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