“Dil ki baatein” Short story last part VI

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Hi friends,

"Dil Ki baatein" is a simple story, my short stories r usually without villians..as i feel reality mey villians r the destiny which takes us through many awkward situation and compromises in life. Such compromise even the lead of this story make.. what happens ? and the simple turn of events.. follows.. is to be read

The lead of this story r the central to this story .. and it goes to say the hidden feelings ..Dil Ki baatein.. kiski baatein? that  u will know when u read the story.My friends.. u may be missing my poems line or not??.. ehheh short poetic lines will come hope u like them...

Special Thanks to Bini, Sara, San for their support to me through out when this story was written..Luv u my special friends..

A huge thanks to the friends who have encouraged me to post more short stories here and enjoy my time with them share my stories with them... and appreciated my work which helped to improve and continue writing.. Luv u Nida, Golu, Jyothi, Rabia, Vandana.. u all have encorauged me so much..

All the silent readers of my short stories who have given so many views to my story ... I thank u all as well... hope u r enjoying ur time.. Big smile My readers of previous fanfics and short stories. thanks to u all as well.. it stays on with me.. when i write always...

This short story is also less than 10 parts.. hope u enjoy ur time reading it.... Age group , warning.. Sorry i just cant make sure which age group can or cant read.. I would appreciate the modz to guide on this later...

Will post the 1st part soon...Smile

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wow!!!!!! post sooon !!!! cant wait Embarrassed Edited by togepe30 - 2008-02-27T10:28:04Z
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waiting for the 1st part post it soon
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Originally posted by togepe30

wow!!!!!! post sooon !!!! cant wait Embarrassed

my goodness u here..n waiting ro it.. sure wil post right now.. okBig smile

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Originally posted by bhoomikauttam

Originally posted by togepe30

wow!!!!!! post sooon !!!! cant wait Embarrassed

my goodness u here..n waiting ro it.. sure wil post right now.. okBig smile

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  jaldiBig smile

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"Dil ki baatein"

Part I
Suvarna: Mom u r literally forcing me to meet strangers and start loving them.
Malini (Suvarna's Mom): Suvi, I beg u please don't do anything of sort which will spoil our name. I and ur Papa are already very disturbed U are our only daughter, Itna laad pyaar kiya aur  uska natija hamari baat , hamari bhavnao ki koi ehmiyat hi nahi…(she starts crying)
Suvarna was very upset seeing her mom in such condition. She always thought why her parents blame her. She was their only daughter, they treated her like a son, gave so much freedom. Her dad played with her cricket, tennis. Her mom never let her into the kitchen thinking she may get hurt & pampered her. They let her travel, long distance wherever she wanted. she could never sit at home n take care of her house. After such lifestyle for years, suddenly after few rejects of marriage proposals, Suvarna's parents started forcing her to change herself,  made her to sit at home n learn cooking, made her not to play tennis or any sports. Suvarna was frustrated. She worked in a Travel agency. Her parents would not allow her to engage herself in any kind of traveling assignments away from their town. Suvarna had been very patient, but now she was getting upset with the daily talks about meeting some guy every week n taking the bizarre questionnaires. She was forced to go to a parlour & have the makeup done for every time any guy came to see her. She had decided to say Yes to marry any guy, becoz she had found it difficult to believe her parents were frustrated with her.
If the marriage proposals didn't workout,
Went through emotions never said a word throughout.
Why it happens Mama that I am been blamed?
I have loved you both the most have never changed.
Today some new proposal had come n the boy was 36 yrs of age. He worked in a Software company, and was also share broker. Suvarna had not even seen his snap but her mom n Dad already had asked her to say yes.
The boy's family came n the discussion were on. The guy well dressed, very smart, Well Built, great height and good looks. The family was discussing and then the two were asked to sit and talk. The guy spoke, " Hi ! I am Ankur." Suvarna smiled and replied, "Hi, am Suvarna."
Ankur: This is the first time am coming to meet a girl and talk about marriage.
Suvarna laughed, Ankur was surprised by her loud laughter.
Ankur: What happen, I am genuinely saying, u r the first proposal I am meeting….
Suvarna tried to control her laughter and said, "Sorry, actually u r the 50th guy I am meeting on my parent's insistence. I have decided that whether u like me or not, At least from my end I am saying YES…just laughed, u r debutant and I have finished half century…(Ankur laughed along with her…)
Ankur: Suvarna u like sports a lot..I think..
Suvarna: Ya!!... how did u come to know?
Ankur: U spoke abut half century and the way u were laughing with ur hands as if u have racket in hand…. I could easily come to know..
Suvarna: Ya, I love sports especially tennis I enjoy the most.
Ankur : ok.
Suvarna: U enjoy sports?
Ankur: I don't play any outdoor games, I like chess. Games that need mind power not physical power.
Suvarna: U r 36 didn't u think about marriage these long years.
Ankur: I didn't want to marry after my girlfriend left me when I was 24.
Suvarna: Oh! U don't want to marry, so u came here just to please ur parents.
Ankur: I work in a company , I feel am the most hardworking guy but every time as am Single few jealous colleague make it possible for me not to get visa for me training in abroad which would give me the chance to do big projects. After slogging for years I just thought I had enough of it. I should get married and than make my efforts.
Suvarna: That's really funny, u r marring just to get the Visa and limit the chance of ur jealous colleagues to win over u . What about the female u will get married, why u want to play with her emotions?
Ankur: I came here to meet the girl n get married, but as u r the girl am meeting, am honestly confessing , now if u want its up to u to marry or not. I am not forcing, whoever gets married to me I will tell her the truth.
Suvarna: Yes, u r honest but u r selfish. Or may be stupid I am confused what name to give u.
Ankur: Suvarna, I started my conversation saying I am Ankur…so call me with my name..(he smiled)….
Suvarna Smiled but in her heart she felt strange she will say yes to this guy but than he doesn't love me, nor will he, may be after getting his visa he may leave me also. His girlfriend left him God knows what happen but he is so good looking there must be more to it. May be after marriage he will divorce…ufff…but he doesn't look fake..but than face doesn't say it all..What am I thinking …Stop it….Stop it..!!
Ankur: Suvarna did  u say something? I heard Stop it….what happen?
Suvarna: Nothing..just thinking…whether I should say yes or no.
Ankur: ya, .. let me tell u , I will say yes. Becoz I wanted to confess why I want to marry than leave it up to u whether u want to lead a life with a person who fell in love with someone else and still holds that love within him. I am marrying for my promotion that's what my 10 yrs of hard work needs today to add in my resume. All the best for ur decision.Mere Dil ki Baatein maine keh dii.
Suvarna was feeling weird….what the hell this guy is trying to tell me…uff..am stuck now!..Mom n dad….I will leave it to u, just I will tell them about Ankur's mindset than whatever decision they want to take.
Both families came in, Suvarna and Ankur sat along with their parents. Suvarna and her mother served them snacks and than everyone went their ways.
He told all that was in his heart,
No place for me after become his family's part,
What future with him? just wife for namesake,
It's a risk where emotions will be in miserable state.
Suvarna was so eager to tell her parents what Ankur said, she entered her parent's room,
Mohan (Suvarna's Dad): Suvarna has to say Yes this time. Ankur's parents while sitting in the car told me its yes from their side.
Malini: Yes, all children behave as per their parent's wishes, but our daughter after so much love she is selfish. What has she done for us in these years? Gave us grief & humiliation. If I had adopted an orphan she would be more loving and caring than Suvarna.
Suvarna had tears in her eyes…listening to them….
Mohan: Malini why say such things, its our destiny, didn't u see the Malhotra's daughter she married even without meeting the guy, just did as her parents decided it was right.
Malini: I am fed up…This is my last hope now. If Suvarna says yes I cant tell how much happy I will be….
Mohan: Yes, bas woh haan kahe aur main to itna khush honga….
Both her parents happily decided the menu for the marriage dinner and slept…Suvarna cried she knew she has to marry Ankur. She had enough.
I have thought my parents are my best friends,
My love for them can never end,
Frustrated & disappointed by me from so late,
I risk my future and let them rejuvenate.
Finally Suvarna and Ankur got married. Both were happy. The reasons for their happiness were different. Suvarna was happy because finally her parents would not complain. She didn't have the energy to go on for the century holder proposal in her life….Ankur dreams were now reachable with marital status helping his Visa and promotions.
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Clap nice part Tongue continue soon !! Ab aage kya hoga Wink
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Originally posted by togepe30

Clap nice part Tongue continue soon !! Ab aage kya hoga Wink

Hi Vandu.. phir se first to reply .. so sweet... am glad u r enjoyign reading.. agey kya hota hai.. chalo post karti hun next part.. Big smile

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