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Ishq hai Sirf Tumse

this is the start of the fanfic its like AR confessed there love n all no muskaan business or the latest promo business k  

Emergency at Sanjeevani
Reporter- today's bomb blast at mumbai station has created havoc all over the city.
Hopsitals are  running out of room and doctors r told to do over time and others have been called
as there r alot of people but not enough doctors

Dr.Kreeti- interns u all have r on emergency try to do ur work fast but correct and there r no room for
everyone leaves
armaan- ridz r u feeling ok u seem tired
ridz- no i am fine
armaan- dont work so much once i am done with my cases i'll do some of urs n u can rest k
rid- nahi armaan its ok, now come lets up

All interns r soon busy with helping others..n soon its midnight the rush seems to have
calmed down
armaan sees riddima about to fall
armaan- i told u not to work so much
rid-its ok now everything is almost done
armaan- u go home right now..give me ur files i'll go check the patients n dont agrue with me!
rid nods n leaves when suddenly she sees at the reception someone fighting with sister lovely
rid- kya hua sister lovely?
lovely- dekhoji i am tellin him that we cant send any docs to check his patient that city hospital might and to
ask them but this man is not willin to listen
rid looks at him n gets scared
man- u dont know who i am..if my man dies i will burn this hopsital
rid- ook i'll check him where is he
man- he is not here u'll have to come with us
rid- no u bring him here i cant take treat him there
soon everyone hears the racket and comes
Dr.Kreeti- wats wrong y r u making so much noise
rid- look dr.kreeti this man has some injuried person who he wont bring here or take anywhere else but wants
me to come with him
dr.kreeti- dr.riddima ur not goin anywhere
soon other interns come

the man starts to get angry and grabs rids wrist n starts draggin her n then armaan comes n stops
armaan- hey hey wat r u doin, is this a way to talk to a doc?
man- i asked nicely she wont come now i am gonna drag her there (pulls out a gun) n if u dont get out my
way n points the gun at armaan's heaad
armaan looks at ridz n everyone esle standing there
armaan- look leave her she is sick take me, i am better she is new
man lets go of ridz and grabs armaan by the collar- get ur stuff together i'll be bak in 10mins and if u try
anything smart or try to leave i'll burn ur hospital and looks at ridz...n smiles n leaves

dr.keerti- dr.armaan wat did u do?? i had called the police u didnt have to do this, n plus these this person seems
underworld connected, they could kil u once u fix their man as they cant afford to have ppl who recongize them
armaan- wat u want me to do dr.kreeti? let him take someone esle?
dr.kreeti- but still 
armaan- he could of hurt rid...n remembers n turns around sees riddima standin there like a statue with tears rolling
down her eyes with anjali muskaan around her
rid walks up to him n slaps him
rid- y do u do this to me armaan n starts crying, i wont let u go, they'll take me i wont let u go
n hugs him 
armaan holds her down n signals anjali n anjali goes away n comes bak with an injection
armaan holds rids armaan tighter n anjali injects ridz who looks up n struggles to get out of armaan's grip but
by the time she does anjali has inserted the injection
rid- armaan wat u inject me with
armaan- its ok its nothing jus a sleeping injection u need to calm down
n ridz falls armaan catches her n takes her to the room n puts her down on the bed
armaan kisses her forehead- i am sorry basket  and leaves
armaan- anjali take care of ridz
everyone trys to convince armaan not to go as the police will help but armaan stays adamant and soon the man
comes n takes him away 

hope u all liked it..do let me know how it was gud/bad all comments r welcome:D



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Posted: 2008-01-26T14:03:52Z
its really really good...i usually dont read all of the fanfics...but i read urs and itss really really good..i couldnt stop reading it in the middle...i had a phone call and i was reading while tlking LOL ..it seems very very real LOL ...gud job Clap
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Posted: 2008-01-26T14:09:38Z
This is good! continue soon!!!
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Posted: 2008-01-26T14:26:54Z
its really good
pls do continue, i really like your fanfic
pls try to update it soon coz i really like it Hug
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Posted: 2008-01-26T16:38:54Z
This is nice>>>>seems quiete real too.
Big smile Big smile Big smile
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Posted: 2008-01-26T23:31:29Z
Okay I started reading this before but didn't finish..lol..really like the story! Seems interesting and eventful..action packed. Very interesting concept. Cant wait for the nxt part. And armaan is soo sweet...saving Ridhima and putting his life in trial for her. Aww.and poor ridhima..worrying herself.

I cant wait for the next part..continue asap!!!

Kajal Tongue
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Posted: 2008-01-27T00:02:08Z
Hey jus read part 1 n it is really interesting...plz cont soon
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