fan fics reuniting the 2DS

Posted: 2005-09-03T00:32:17Z

hey man could we have some fan fics that will reunite the 2Ds

whatever manner possible

dk gets to know the truth

disha get to know it first


add a huge amount of romantic scenes that will make our day

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Posted: 2005-09-03T00:38:28Z
why doesnt some1 start and then everyone adds on!!!??
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Posted: 2005-09-03T04:52:24Z
yes can anyone start a new tory betweenthe D'S
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Posted: 2005-09-03T04:56:46Z
yea.... LOL ....nice romantic scene's Embarrassed
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Posted: 2005-09-03T07:03:13Z
Ahhh Let dat Hitler B0mb'z start 1st, shez g0t t0ns 0f expereince wen it c0mes t0 r0manctic scenes LOL

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Posted: 2005-09-03T11:15:40Z
please could some one start
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Posted: 2005-09-03T16:46:06Z
Gargi- *laughs* I knew Disha would hand over kanaka... bachari couldn't handle seeing her DK with another woman. She doesn't even know that Dk isn't her Dk it's Satvik *smirks*

Ved- But how should we get rid of Satvik now ?

Gargi- I've got the perfect plan

Gargi- *phones disha* ... disha beti come quick somethings happend to DK again

Disha is shocked

Disha- Where ??? Where should I meet you??

Gargi- Dk's previous accident scene don't worry We have already called the police but hurry.

*disha hangs up the phone*

Gargi- *phones Satvik/DK* ....Satvik you did a great job getting disha to sign the papers you can pick up you reward ...*gargi gives the directions*

Gargi- Both Disha and Satvik will be killed 2day

Ved- What about mehka ?

Gargi- you take care of her after

Satvik/DK- Has a strage look on his face...why would they call me back where they tried to killed me this another one of there schemes. *picks up a gun incase*

disha arrives at the scene

Disha- DK ! DK ! Tum kaha ho ?
Gargi- laughs ..Disha you are to easy ...*points a gun 2wards dish*

Disha is shocked and scared

Gargi- b4 I send you 2 ur DK let me tell you our secret...WE killed your DK and the man who's been with you all this time is just a look alike ...ME ,Ved, and pori by the way, pori looked jusstt like you we fooled your DK and now we fooled you.. both D's are alike *laughs*

Ved and pori come on 2 the scene

Ved- Disha disha disha , I'm truly sorry *smiles*

Pori-Goodbye Disha

DK hears the whole story and shoots gargi's arm

Gargi drops her gun

Everyone is shocked to see Satvik/DK

DK- Let me tell you my secret choti ma , brother and pari

The trio are shocked


Disha has a relieved look on her face

Sorry thats about all I have as you can tell I'm totally new at this so if I could get some help now Wink LOL and its not all of what u expected no romantic scence doesn't mean you can't add any Wink Edited by canadagirl26 - 2005-09-06T21:46:34Z
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Posted: 2005-09-03T17:36:35Z
thanks Embarrassed Clap
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