garv and kumud reunite

Posted: 2005-09-01T21:49:29Z
continue after part one.

this is not as good as the first one but i tried, the next is onna be better, promise. love yall. and yea kaol's name (garv's daughter's name) is now kiran. lol

Garv and Kumud are in the front seats. They get back home after their dinner and they are in the car on the drive way. They realize the Kiran (Kajol) has is fast asleep in the back seat.

Kumud : Uh Re Kiran to sogayi.
Garv: Haan, Umm woh toh jaldi so jati hain. I mean her regular bed time is like 10 pm. But now its like 11 pm, so yea,
Kumud looks at Kiran with a smile because Kiran looks cuter while is asleep.

Kumud: Bahut hee pyaari bachee hain.
Garv: Thanks, aakhir meri beti hain
Kumud smiles
Garv: I don't think we should spend the rest of the night in the car. Mera matlab gaddi mein se nikal chahiye.
Kumud smiles agin and says

Kumud: Oh yea! Chalo.

Kumud and Garv get out and Garv gets kiran out and lifts his little girl in his arms and takes her home.

Kumud looks at them lovingly
Garv: Kumud here, Take this home key and please open the darvaza.

Kumud is lost in her thoughts and suddenly gets out of it and says

Kumud: yea, sure.
Garv: Thanks.

Kumud opens the door and then goes in.

Garv: Pehle mein Kiran ko soola kar aata hoon.

Kumud: she is already sleeping, usse ab sula kyun rahe ho.

He laughs.

G: Mera matlab hain mein usse, uske bed par sula kar aata hoon, okay?

K: Ohhhh! Thik hain, till then mein change kar ke aati hoon.

Garv: smiles and says okay!

Garv gets Kiran back to bed and goes to change his clothes himself, in their own rooms. Lol. and they both freshen up. After they have wore their pajamas and stuff they meet each other in the living room. Kumud is there before him.

Kumud smiles and looks at him.
He smiles back and continues

G: Kumud tum jakar so jayo, mein zara bahar jakar aata hoon.
K: Bahar? Iss waqt, Koi important kaam hain? (she is surprised coz it's 11:30am, not that it is late or anything but also that he is in his pajamas) lol

G: not really, mein toh sirf, umm I am just going on a little walk, to digest the food. Aaj thoda zyada hee khaya, I am so full right now. (he is so cute)
K: (She smiles lovingly) oh okay, Garv kya mein tumhare saah chalu ? I mean I am also full right now.

Garv laughs, she laughs too. (oh man they just love being together)

G: Acha chalo, we will walk and talk.

Kumud and Garv are outside on the street, walking and talking. Lol.

G: So kumud, Abhay Papa aur Kkusum mom kaise hain? Bahut dino se baat nahin hui unse.
K: Mama, Papa thik hain, tumhe bahut yaad karte hain.

G: mein bhi unhe bahut miss karta hoon, lekin for some reason I feel kinda awkward calling them, because I am not their son-in-law anymore, I mean mein kis rishte se unse baat karoonga.

K: (Smiles) Garv!! Mama, papa tumhe apna beta maante hain. Tumne hamesha unka saath diya hain. And always got them out of trouble. Garv, you are the son that they never had. Son-in- law ka nahin balke tumne ek beta ka rishta nibhaya hain.

G: (Smiles and says) exactly Kumud, mein unhe bahut pyar karta hoon aur unki bahut izzat karta hoon. I respect them a lot. Meine unhe kabhie tumhare parents nahin balke apne mana hain. Tumhare saath mera rishta nahin raha lekin Papa aur Kkusum mom ka beta hone ka rishta meine nibhaya.

K: (she smiles and they are still walking)

Garv: lekin, kumud meine ubhe bahut dukh pahuchaya, unki dono betiyon ki zindagi mein sirf dukh diya. AbhaY papa aur kkusum mom se wada kiya tha tumhe hamesha khush rakhoonga, lekin woh wada poora na kar saka.

Kumud has tears in her eyes but doesn't say anything.

Garv: but anyways, kumud you know what we should do? ( Garv looks back coz garv is walking faster than kumud. She wipes her tears before Garv sees her.

G: Aare kumud, kya hua? Are you alright? ( he has a worried face, he runs back to the place she was standing. He didn't realize that Kumud is behind. So yea he runs to her and holds her, not hugs her)

G: Kya hua? Tum itni slow kyun chal rahi ho?

K: mein slow chal rahi hoon, yaa tum fast chal rahe ho?

G: thik hain, baba, slow chalte hain! Fast chalna toh tumhare bas ki baat nahin hain. (he teases her)

K: Garv( she looks at him angrily) khana khaane ke baad, sirf tumhare jaise idiots fast chalte hain. You just watch, mein tumhe haraoongi, we'll have a race. Ab nahin phir kabhi.

G: you called me an idiot!

K: yahan koi aur hain besides you and me? Obviously I called you an idiot.

G: ( Garv is happy, that at least they are talking like friends, and there isn't any awkwardness between them. Garv is not mad at her, but pretends to be serious, for awhile)

G: Acha chalo(he keeps quite and walks at Kumud's slow speed)

K: (notices his seriousness and thinks that he is upset) naraz hogaye? I was just playing around. I am sorry. (she smiles and touches his face)

G: Its okay Kumud, (he smiles). I was just kidding too. Come-on lets walk back home.

K: (feels relieved and smiles) Achaa chalo. (she holds his hand while walking and feels secured)lol. Its 1 am in the morning.

K: Garv tum bhi naa itne raat gaye walk par nikalte ho.

G: (doesn't mind holding her hand, because he thinks that she is scared) Dar lag raha hain, itni raat gaye? Don't worry Kumud, mein hoon na.

K: Tum agar saath ho toh darr kis baat ka hain? I am not scared. (garv smiles, and kumud holds his hand even tighter)

They look at each other and they snap outta it when,

Suddenly it thunders and it starts raining. The thunder scares the hell out of kumud and she hugs Garv tight and Garv hugs her back( love is rekindling guys). The hug is like lasting forever, they forget about the rain and the thunder it doesn't make a difference to them because they are lost into each other and feel like everything they had yearned for is now fulfilled.

Garv realizes that he is still hugging her. He looks into her eyes, (tere naam, song goes in the background) they look into each other's eyes and see the love for each other pouring out. Kumud feels shy and lets go of garv. Its still raining.

G: isss bar toh tum sure shot dar gayi thi! (garv smiles and teases her).

K: Smiles and says: Haan iss baar toh mein dar gayi. Garv yahan ke thunders kitne scary hain.

G: I know. But I am used to them, lo ghar aagaya.

They get inside soaking wet.

Garv: tum jakar change karke sojao. Mujhe zaara office mein kaam hain.

Kumud looks shocked, and yells, Garv!!

G: Kya hain, kuch hua kya, mein toh yahin hoon, cheela kyun rahin ho?

K: Ab raat ke 2:00 baje hain aur tum office jaa rahe ho!

G: Aare, kumud, office toh ghar mein hee hain. I have made one at home too. Anyways, if you need me, I will be in my office, Okay!

K: Tumhara office kahan hain!

G: Mere room ke opposite jo kamra hain naa woh mera room hain. Got it!

K: Haan, mein jakar change karti hoon another time!

G: you better, warna sardi ho jayegi. I better go that too.

Kumud smiles and goes to the room to change, while garv changes and goes back to his office.

Kumud wears this gorgeous night gown, she looks very beautiful in it. U know the song mere tang mein rang ne wali (from Meine Pyar kiya) yea, its that kinda situation. Garv is working hard and she is impressed by her love working so hard. She just waits at the door watching him lovingly.

Garv finally looks up and sees his love, looking all beautiful. He is just amazed. Garv and Kumud do not know how they feel about each other yet. They might soon. Just wait and watch. I am kinda busy, and this is the best I could have typed for today. I will try to finish it up soon. I had lots more coming up in this part but I will do it in the 3rd part. Till then tell me how u like it. Bye.

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Posted: 2005-09-01T22:36:30Z
Its awesome!! Clap
Plz write part 3 soon.
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Posted: 2005-09-01T23:03:55Z
it was awesome plz continue soon
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Posted: 2005-09-01T23:11:03Z
Hey Honeys,
thanks for liking my ff. u know what Ritika, i will just try to finish this part tomorrow. Till then hang in there. I love u guys responding back. thanks guys, i appreciate it. Love yall/

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Posted: 2005-09-02T01:49:41Z
that was awesome garv_kumud!!!....plz continue...u write soooooooooo well!!!!
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Posted: 2005-09-02T10:39:06Z
wel dun sam ur ff r gr8 keep up da samshin wrk :D n yup its amazin da way u written it lol dis wudda tken me 10 years 2 tink n  anoda 10 2 rite LOL Edited by reepz - 2005-09-02T10:41:21Z
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Posted: 2005-09-02T11:24:44Z
it is awesome plz cont
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Posted: 2005-09-02T14:08:04Z
Your great!!
I cant wait for the next part!!
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